Handbook For Choosing Dog Food Seeds

Dog food seeds have long been considered a major source of nutrition for puppies. The owner wants his pet to eat the best quality food to maintain and improve their health. However, there are many types of pet food on the market and not all are quality. So in this article, PetshopSaigon.vn will provide you with information about quality, attractive and affordable pet food on the market

What makes a dog food grain quality?
Most dog food particles are dry or wet food. While some of these foods may not look as appealing, they contain all the nutrients necessary to keep dogs healthy. Most pet food is subject to regulations and undergoes rigorous testing by veterinarians

Although meat is a major component of a cat and dog diet, pets still need nutrients from cereals, fruits and vegetables

. These foods can provide an essential source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Therefore, your pet's diet should contain meat, vegetables, grains and fruits so that the pet can have enough nutrients for the body.
Choosing dry dog seeds is important because this is a long-term source of food for your dog.
Note when buying dog food particles
Dog food should meet all their nutritional needs. And do not be too focused on reputable food brands that you must remember that not all dogs have the same nutritional needs. Dogs also need a range of different essential nutrients at different ages of them. Therefore, you can consider foods suitable for all ages of your dog

Also when deciding what type of pet food, it is imperative that you check the origin of the product

. To choose healthy foods, you need to know how to read the labels. Sometimes these types of labels are hard to read because the part of the label is dimpled or scratched. Here are important things to keep in mind when reading product labels:
Product's name
Net weight
Name and address of the manufacturer
Guarantee analysis
List of ingredients
Food for any species / breed
The full statement of nutrition
Instruction for feeding
Product's name
The product name explains the consistency of the product. Suppose the product says "beef" means the majority, about 70% of the product is beef. Also if the product says "beef taste" then only 3% of the product is beef because it only needs a little beef to flavor the food.
Royal Canin is considered a special food brand for each breed.
✅ 18 kinds of Royal Canin dog food by breed
Sadly, some dog food nut manufacturers list ingredients in their products that do not explicitly state their origin or quality. For example, if there are many different types of maize, such as corn flakes, milled maize, or coarse ground maize, they need to be listed separately or the maize content on the product label will be lower than the actual amount

Meat is also a difficult ingredient to measure because of the large amount of water in the unprocessed meat. So the amount of processed meat will be less than the amount of meat printed on the label.
It may not be possible to accurately label all ingredient attributes on the product label, but it is important that you still consider carefully the ingredients in your pet's food. This is especially important for pets that have special nutritional needs or are helpful for owners who want to feed their dogs foods from specific sources such as fiber, protein and starches.
How to balance meals for your pet
Also one of the first things you should read on product labels are "full and balanced" stamps. This is not simply an advertising statement for the product, but these foods have been approved by AAFCO (American Food Safety Association) with strict requirements to prove that the product meets the "full" criteria. sufficient and balanced nutrition ". Such foods have the minimum and necessary nutrients for pets

Comes with this criterion is a guarantee analysis. In this analysis, dog food particles must contain small amounts of crude protein along with fat. In addition, the product must contain a maximum amount of water and fiber. But the sad thing is that these assurance analyzes don't really provide the exact amount of ingredients in feed, meaning some of them will be a bit off.
If you don't balance your dog's food, your baby will be overweight.
Which food particles are best for small / large dogs?
Obviously, small dogs and large dogs will have different nutritional needs. Large dog breeds are more prone to musculoskeletal problems. Small dog breeds need more balanced nutritional foods than certain nutrients to promote skeletal muscle health, especially for puppies

. Note that small dogs can also choke if they eat the stuff.

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