Handbook For Choosing Short-haired British Cats

Learning about short-haired British cats food is important. Because short-haired British cats are extremely greedy, they can eat whatever you put in front of them. Therefore, as a caring lotus, you need to understand the knowledge of cat food for short-haired cats to be able to take care of the boss fully. Here, let's PetshopSaigon.vn open handbook for short-haired British cats to be able to set up a perfect diet right for your cat

Note on short-haired British cats
What do short-haired British cats eat?
The British Shorthair is famous among cats as an infamously greedy creature. They can eat anything they can reach as long as it looks like "cat food". Including cheeses, dog food, noodles, sweets or even

.. plastic bags. When you're out of control, you won't know what they consume.
Therefore, when raising this breed of cat, you really have to be very careful and carefully choose the food for your short-haired cat. So, what should we feed the king to eat now?
At the heart of the cat diet is around foods similar to what their ancestors ate. In particular, the most important ingredient is animal protein. Vegetables may not be needed, starch can also be ignored, but certain short-haired cat food is indispensable
Water is also a secondary key ingredient besides protein in every cat's meal

. You should feed your cat short-haired quality assurance, high protein content and relative humidity depending on the food preferences of your pet baby.
The British Shorthair is the most popular breed in the world.
Set the right diet
The British Shorthair has a chubby body, short legs are extremely cute but still exudes a splendid, attractive appearance with smooth, thick fur. The point of this special body is due to the solid muscle fibers inside the cat. The average weight of a male cat is usually quite heavy, most standard ranges from 8-9kg while for female cats, the weight should be limited to 4-5kg when mature. Because they are a large breed of cat, their bodies absorb the substance very quickly and easily to gain weight. Therefore, you need to pay attention to control the amount of food they eat in a day, balanced nutrition. To ensure that your short-haired cat is healthy, limiting obesity

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You should make a clear eating plan for your cat right from the beginning with a fixed amount of cat food. Foods should be high in protein, limiting empty calories (many calories but not as nutritious as junk food). From there, ensure a balanced and healthy meal for cats. In addition, according to the experience of keeping short-haired cats, you should use wet, quality, nutritious short-haired cat food for cats from reputable brands.
Short-haired British cats also need an appropriate diet to avoid being overweight and obese.
Gì What do short-haired British cats eat?
Essential nutrients when buying food for British short-haired cats
Essential nutrition for cats
Meat is an essential food in short-haired British cats. The amount of meat needs to be the highest proportion in the cat's diet due to the high protein requirements of cats. So, in addition to meat, what other nutrients does a short-haired cat need?
Taurine is one of the extremely important substances in the food of cats

. This is an amino acid that acts as an antioxidant in white blood cells, lungs and complements the health of cats' eyes. At the same time, taurine also greatly affects the activity of the myocardial system, maintaining the reflexes of nervous system cells in cats. Without taurine, cats will suffer from blindness, weakened immune system, dental diseases and especially cardiomyopathy and other dangerous diseases. Therefore, in food for short-haired cats, owners need to ensure that they contain taurine to help cats maintain the body's activities, teeth and fur are firm and healthy.
Vitamins and minerals: Cats also need a lot of minerals to help them develop a healthy body. Especially calcium and magnesium make up strong skeletons, teeth, strong claws. In addition, the magnesium in cat food for cats is very important because they help maintain the sensitivity of the nervous system and the strength of the muscular system in cats. In addition, you also need to add vitamins and fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 (easily found in fish oil) to support blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease, and help the eyes of cats

. more active than you!
If you only give your cat rice, he will not provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.
Should cats eat fruits and vegetables?
Fruit is also essential for the cat's body. While the emperor does not like to eat fruit at all, sometimes you should add it to give your cat a diet..

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