Handbook For Obesity In Dogs

Dog obesity is one of the most common pet diseases. Although, fat dogs make many owners favorite, but the dog losing weight uncontrollably makes dogs obese. Obesity not only causes many difficulties in movement but also causes many underlying diseases in the body. Join PetshopSaigon.vn to learn about dog obesity in this article

>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Why do dogs itchy scratching bleeding? Is Parvo disease in dogs dangerous? Everything you need to know about rabies in dogs! How to raise dogs less fat quickly Overview of obesity in dogs Obesity in dogs is defined as excessive accumulation of fat in the body. 25 to 40% of dogs are nearly or at risk of obesity. This is the most common nutritional condition related to dogs
The primary cause of this condition is overeating and being sedentary

. When the calories consumed are greater than the intake, the excess will be stored as fat. Consuming just 1% more calories will lead to a 25% risk of middle-aged obesity in dogs. If your dog anorexia regularly, see 16 more ways to stimulate the dog's taste!
Obesity, though, helps your baby look cute but has many dangerous diseases.
Most owners do not recognize obese dogs until they see a dog for another reason. Dogs often begin to gain weight slowly and must assess their weight in order to recognize the gradual presence of obesity.
Obese dogs may have difficulty breathing or have difficulty walking, and may also suffer from poor heat and sedentary behavior, which can lead to fatigue.
Do you know! For puppies that eat a lot and are fat, you should feed your dog dog foods that can control weight
This type of seed helps your dog eat a lot but provides the nutrition needed for daily activities

. When choosing these nuts, you should pay attention to the brand, origin and nutritional information on the packaging to ensure it fits the dog's needs.
How to diagnose obesity in dogs
Veterinary care should include laboratory diagnostics to evaluate the overall health and give some advice to help your dog lose weight.
Diagnostic tests may include:
In-depth physical examination, including weight determination and body mass index. Detailed dog weight assessments make it easier to set up a weight loss plan and identify environmental factors or changes associated with weight gain.
Perform a complete blood test including complete blood count, serum test and urine analysis to see if there is a underlying medical condition. If the test results indicate a problem, additional tests will be performed to determine a specific condition before starting a weight loss regimen.
Evaluate your dog's daily digestive activity from all foods: including main foods, snacks, snacks and exercise - they are important in establishing a weight loss plan. success

Calculate your calorie intake carefully: if they exceed the daily energy requirement, then excess energy is the cause of obesity.
If your dog is obese, then you need to have your vet do a general exam to look for potential diseases.
In addition, if the dog is severely obese, the diagnosis should be made more thoroughly, including the following steps:
Measure the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine. Diabetes can be diagnosed based on detecting high and positive blood glucose levels in the urine by using a series of blood glucose measurements.
Measure the concentration of cortisol in urine: Calculate the ratio of creatinine. If the ratio is high, dogs are likely to have Cushing's syndrome.
Stimulating adrenocortical hormone (ACTH). This is an effective test used to diagnose Cushing's syndrome

Low-dose Dexamethasone assay This test is used to combine with cortisol in urine: creatinine ratio and ACTH test to diagnose Cushing's syndrome.
How to treat obesity in dogs
The doctor recommends that the owner should actively change the diet and behavior of the dog with the following 3 suggestions:
Reduce your dog's daily calorie intake by changing food (with some weight loss diets) or daily intake.
Increase the amount of fiber or water to make the dog fuller.
Increase physical activity like playing or coaching.
From the 3 suggestions above, the veterinarian will provide some specific tips for calculating proper nutrition and ways to improve your dog's activity, including:
Reduce your calorie intake by half for your dog to reach his ideal weight.
Feed your dog a diet: Every 0.1kg of dry food must be less than 340 calories including:
Have 5 to 10% fat
Contains between 10 and 30% of raw fiber
Over 25% crude protein
Feed your dog a strict diet several times a day.


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