High Blood Pressure In Cats: How To Diagnose And Treat

Although high blood pressure in cats is rare, it is quite dangerous. Many owners do not know that cats can have high blood pressure like humans. But the difference is that humans can easily diagnose the cause of hypertension, while cats with high blood pressure are caused by a disease or other health condition.
High blood pressure in cats does not have noticeable symptoms. Therefore, the owner only knows that cats have high blood pressure after having them checked at a veterinary clinic

. Because high blood pressure does not manifest all its symptoms, the American Heart Association dubbed the disease a "silent killer."
Symptoms of high blood pressure in cats
Cats, especially old and old cats, can have very high blood pressure. Older cats have high blood pressure after suffering from kidney disease or hyperthyroidism
If you have a kitten, pay attention to the following symptoms:
Loss of appetite
Increased thirst and urination
Weight loss
Dull coat color
When you take your cat for a health check, the veterinarian can detect a new heart murmur or an abnormality in the cat's eye

. If your cat has these two symptoms, give him a blood pressure reading.
Measuring blood pressure does not cause pain for the cat. If your cat is cooperative and his or her mood is not too nervous, a few minutes can give you a blood pressure reading. However, if your cat is stressed at a visit and in a crowded place, her blood pressure can be affected. If your cat is stressed, sit with her and comfort her until she is more relaxed.
At veterinary visits, all cats had their blood pressure checked on the spot.
Hypertension can cause many serious conditions such as severe eye damage, kidney, cardiovascular and neurological problems
Cats can also be suddenly blind

. This is a condition in which the blood vessels in a cat's eye burst open causing the retina to split, resulting in partial or total loss of vision.
That's one of the reasons veterinarians encourage owners to have their cats checked at least twice a year and especially when the cat is old. The sooner you control your cat's blood pressure, the less likely he is to have serious illnesses.
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Test to detect high blood pressure in cats
A 2014 study published in the New Zealand Journal of Veterinary Medicine found that hydrological tests (eye exams to assess the back of the eyeballs) for cats over 8 years old can detect damage to the ocular eye. have high blood pressure before symptoms appear.
The number of this study was 100 cats. Because the unfamiliar environment is stressful for kittens, cats have been given time to adjust to the clinic environment before research begins. All cats had a thorough physical examination, blood and urine tests to diagnose conditions such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and diabetes

High blood pressure keeps cats in a state of fatigue.
The researchers measured blood pressure five times for each cat and only matching results were included in the study. Of the 73 eligible cats, 12 suffered eye damage on a baseline examination, including damage to the retina, choroid and optic nerve. Ten of 12 cats were also diagnosed with high blood pressure. Only three of the cats with eye injuries showed symptoms of vision disorders, but their damage was more severe than the other nine.
Six of the 12 cats with eye damage were also diagnosed with chronic kidney disease - this is the most common cause of high blood pressure in cats. Twelve cats with eye damage were given a standard drug used for systemic hypertension in cats. As a result, all of the 12 cats showed marked improvement in subsequent eye exams

. The researchers concluded that:
A cataract examination of cats older than 8 years can identify hypertension in cats. Cats often have high blood pressure before their owners or veterinarians realize their vision is problematic. Diagnosing systemic hypertension for cats can help cats treat high blood pressure early and address the type of cat disease acquired. Recent research proves that basic eye exams for cats over the age of 8 can be considered part of a regular physical exam.
If your cat is middle-aged or older, and especially if he or she has been diagnosed with kidney or thyroid disease, consider asking your veterinarian for a cat eye exam.
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How to treat high blood pressure in cats
If your cat is diagnosed with high blood pressure, the first step is to identify and resolve any disease that the cat is suffering from. If your cat is not suffering from organ damage or his blood pressure is not dangerously high, just watch for him.
You should regularly take your cat for regular health checks

If you have to give your cat medication to treat high blood pressure, start giving your cat a lower dose than recommended for him to adjust. If your cat does not exhibit high blood pressure, you should use nutritional products, homeopathic and herbal remedies. PetshopSaigon.vn has given.

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