How Can Cats Not Leave Home?

Cats leaving home are a common problem among domestic cats. This has caused anxiety and headache for owners when they see their cat on the ladder. Suddenly we become impulsive and cannot do anything. So when cats leave home, how to call the cat back? How can cats not leave home? Calm down, let's first learn a little about why cats are leaving the house.
The reason cats leave home
Cats are in heat
The period of oestrus is a period in which our cats are in need of a mate

. This problem is usually encountered in male cats, leaving home to search for lovers. This is the common behavior of animals. Hormones of the cat will increase attractiveness to the opponent
During this time, most male cats leave home for about 1-2 weeks, or even 1 month, until they go through heat

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Cats leave home to find new feelings
This will often happen to cats with a wild hobby: playful, hunting, highly independent nature, etc. Therefore, as adults, they want to decide for themselves, so cats often give up home go to explore the new world around to play chasing, "picking flowers to catch butterflies". Or sometimes the outside world has other cats, they begin to socialize and start to integrate. In other words a little, maybe during the chat, our cat is gullible, giddy to listen to our temptations. The cat leaves home, looking for a new place where it will have a more interesting feeling than hanging around the house all day.
Keeping your cat in a space for too long will motivate them to want to leave home out of curiosity.
Cats feel uncomfortable at home
Cats who run away from home for this reason often happen to cats whose owners are quite busy and do not have time to play with them
When a cat is alone at home, or without pleasure or pleasure, the cat will be stressed, bored, and run away from home

. Cats are the favorite species of freedom, hyperactivity, so staying in the house with 4 walls will make them depressed. Because by nature they are basically curious. See also: Collars help cats reduce stress is popular
In addition, maybe when you have just picked up your cat, you will be more interested and spend more time with them. Later, when the cat matures, you no longer care, take care of them as carefully as children. They begin to feel uncomfortable and angry at you and leave. Cats leaving home often occur when the cat has just given birth, suffers from postpartum depression or has just finished getting sick. Therefore, you should always care for your cat, take care of them well, especially when they are in pregnancy. Let your cat feel like she's not being left out, always be worried and she won't leave home

Another reason is when they lose their unique position in their own home. When you start taking other pets home. They will feel their territory possessed and threatened and could do nothing. Sometimes it is when you change the structure, causing the place they are disturbed but not yet accustomed to adapt. Cats leaving home are the only way they can solve all their problems.
When stressed, cats also tend to leave elsewhere.
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How to call the cat to leave home to go back
Choose a familiar scent to lure cats
You can leave in front of the cat's sleeping mat doors or its toy fish. This method of calling the cat back is very effective, helping cats recognize the familiar scent of it and stay longer, especially at night

. Maybe the cat will stay asleep, and in the morning you saw your pet cat docile in front of the door. If you don't currently have your own cat supplies, you can use your old, dirty clothes to stay there. Because cats' sense of smell is very sensitive and can completely identify your specific scent there.
Using scents is a great way to get your cat's attention.
Keep cat food outside
This is a way to get your cat back often recommended by veterinarians. You can equip your cat's favorite food trays, be it fish or animal liver. Among the foods, sardines are the lure to lead the cat away from home perfectly.
However, note because if it lures your cat, of course the neighbors' cats will love it

. Therefore, be careful and always watch over the bowl of food. So is there a way to get your cat back without looking after it? It seems like it is. You just do not eat food in a small box, there are holes in the box. This helps spread the scent of the fish, distracting the cat, but it does not get food. And the cats stay there longer, you can peek to see if your cat is there. Hope you can call your cat to leave home.
Cats often return home when they are hungry, so using "bait" food is a common way.
How to call the cat home at night
At night is the best time to find your cat to leave home

. Calling the cat by this name if called in the morning will be difficult to succeed. Because cats are very careful with the sound, and often only respond to the call when the phone.

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