How Do Dog Hair Get Yellowed?

Dog hair is yellowed, why is this happening, the root cause, how to care for dog hair when yellowing effectively? To be able to answer these questions, please read through the article below, to find out the causes and methods to improve the condition of yellow dog hair effectively.
Why dog hair stains?
Dog shedding: Cause & Treatment When does a dog's shedding period begin?
Some simple dog grooming tips How to maintain a smooth coat and healthy skin for dogs
Sometimes owners keep dog hair yellowing over the years, especially around the eyes, mouth or feet. This mainly happens in dogs with white fur that will be easier to identify than other colored dogs.
In this case, the yellow stain is the stain that comes from the dog's saliva and tears. The cause of dog hair stains is caused by a natural substance called porphyrin, which is present in dogs' tears and saliva

Dogs that lick a lot of fur are also agents that make dog hair yellow.
In addition, due to the care of the owner, dog hair becomes increasingly stained. The dog play, dirty but not often bathe them, will accumulate for a long time will cause yellowing in each area common in dogs

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How to overcome dog hair stains
If your dog has a white coat, there will be very towels to keep them clean

. Like white clothes, dirt can make dog hair dirty and yellow.
Bathing regularly will help to remove litter marks on your dog's fur.
However, this situation you can overcome and improve through the following simple and effective way at home:
Step 1:
Take care of your dog daily with a brush, helping to keep their fur shiny and clean. Regular brushing helps to remove dirt, it also stimulates dog oils, contributing to a shiny and healthy coat.
Step 2:
Bathe your dog with a suitable shampoo, which does not cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Move from the head of the dog further away, rubbing shampoo all over the dog's body. Use your hands to gently massage to make them feel more comfortable
Rinse the shampoo with warm water

You should use a dog-friendly shower gel to avoid damaging your baby's skin.
Step 3:
Can use a special dog hair shampoo, used in areas where dog hair is yellowed. Shampoo and massage gently then rinse with clean water until completely remove shampoo on dog hair.
Step 4:
Always moisturize your dog with conditioner, which penetrates deep into the hairs to seal the epidermis, helping to protect the dog's fur against dirt and less yellowing.
Bathing is also a way to help you and your dog get closer.
Step 5:
After the bath, use a dry towel to clean the dog's fur. It is possible to use a low-temperature dryer to dry hair, but make sure a certain safe distance so as not to affect them.
One thing to note is that you should completely dry before letting them run and play, because if the hair is still wet it will be easy to get dirty

Step 6:
Feed your dog a healthy diet, helping maintain their strong coat. Provide foods that are high in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids as well as B vitamins.
These nutrients help to improve hair condition significantly, nourish healthy hair smoothly. Limiting the yellow dog hair.
Tips to help reduce dog hair stains
Daily coat care
Daily grooming is very important, keeping your pet's coat clean and tidy to avoid yellowing of dog hair. This will loosen the debris, eliminating the daily dirt that clings to dog hair.
If your dog has a short coat, use a thick, hard bristle brush, whereas if your dog has a long coat, use a softer and fluffy brush.
Grooming is a way to remove diseased hair and give your baby a brighter white coat

To keep your dog's coat clean, try adding corn starch. This is a natural solution, helping dogs absorb excess oil, covering the stain. It acts as a bleach, eliminating unpleasant odors from the fur.
You can apply the following:
Sprinkle enough cornstarch on dog hair.
Rub and brush with your hands, gently massaging the dog's entire body.
In addition, a good tip that you can help dog's hair stay strong and smooth is to feed them flipped eggs. Just feeding them about 2 eggs a week can significantly improve the coat of the dog.
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Keep the beard, genital area and tear glands clean
These are the areas with the most common yellowing and bacterial infections

. To keep and prevent dog hair yellowing, you can do the following.
Wash your dog's eyes daily with water to fight oxidation.

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