How Many Years Is The Dog’s Maximum Life Span?

Dog longevity is a topic that has received a lot of attention from the dog breeding community. Because dogs are such a close, loyal friend of us that no one wants to leave this friend. Although knowing that, birth and death is a natural law of heaven and earth, everyone will eventually go away. However, it is still necessary to know how long dogs live, how to calculate dog ages so that we can understand their development, right?
Average life expectancy of dogs
According to GS. Dr

. Dang Duy Huynh, dog life is often very high sometimes up to several decades. The life expectancy of a normal dog will range from 5-10 years, even some dogs up to 10-13 years. However, depending on the breed of wind, habitat and health status, the life expectancy of a dog varies
Here are the average age statistics for some popular dog breeds

Longevity of poodle
The Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds recognized in the world. So how long can poodle live? In theory, the life expectancy of a poodle is 12-15 years for the Poodle Standard. As for the Poodle Teacup or Miniatures, the average life expectancy of dogs will be reduced to 5-7 years. If you take care, invest in your baby's health, good nutrition, then the rate of extending the life will be higher.
Poodle dogs are raised by many people in Vietnam.
Lifespan of dogs
Today's Miniature dogs are divided into two basic categories: deer hoes and squirrel dogs. In particular, the hoe deer is one of the smallest but most intelligent dogs in Germany
Thanks to a healthy genome, he is less prone to infectious diseases

. Therefore, the lifespan of dogs like this will be from 12-15 years.
On the other hand, due to the smaller body as well as the ability to fight the disease is not high, the dog's life expectancy is reduced by half. The average lifespan of a squirrel dog is only 5-7 years if the conditions are good.
Phoc is favored for its cute appearance.
Longevity of snow dogs
The snow dog is the name of the Taiga region dogs like Husky, Alaska or Samoyed. How long can dogs survive in cold, harsh weather conditions like that land. Because these 3 breeds are found in the same place. They have the same diet, the development cycle is similar so the average life expectancy of dogs is the same, from 12-16 years

. For Alaskan dogs when they return to the cold air, the dog's lifespan will be longer than 13-17 years. In hot, humid and equatorial climates like Vietnam, this adult dog can live to be 10-12 years old.
Snow dog breeds are loved by their cool looks.
👉 How to distinguish Husky dog and Alaska very simple
Correlation between dog and human life span
It is often heard "1 year old people are 7 years old dogs". This statement implies that the age of a person multiplied by 7 will result in a dog's actual age. However, this saying is only applied from the grandparents' folk experience to estimate the lifetime of our dogs. Meanwhile, today with many imported dog breeds, this statement is not entirely true. From a scientific point of view, dog aging is complex

. They are very susceptible to the environmental, health and developmental characteristics of each dog breed.
So how long does a dog live? What factors affect it?
In addition to physiological factors, some people also affirm that dog's life is also greatly affected by size. Usually, small breeds like the Chihuahua or the Corgi will have a longer life of 2-3 years with good living conditions. Small dogs have the ability to develop the body to complete the immune system much earlier than the large dogs of the same age.
How to calculate a dog's life expectancy
Based on Pugnetti's age conversion table
A close up of average dog age spreadsheet according to Dr. Pugnetti
This is one of the common dog age calculations. The dog age index table, researched and summarized by Dr. Pugnetti, is widely used in the dog breeding community

. According to him, to know how dog age correlates with humans, you only need to compare the life expectancy of the current dog in this reference table.
Based on the coefficient table, we can deduce if the dog's life expectancy is 16 years, which is equivalent to the 89-year-old grandparents. However, this reference table is only relative. Only applicable to dogs whose average life expectancy is 13 years or more.
Based on each stage of development, physique
Besides the conversion table of the dog's life, people also determine the age based on appearance. This is also a good method, can be applied on many different dog breeds with greater accuracy. According to The Blue Ridge Veterinary Services 2013, dog breeds can be divided into three subgroups to facilitate age mapping.
Small group: are dogs with a maximum weight of 9kg
Medium group: are dogs that weigh 9kg-12kg
Large group: are breeds weighing more than 20kg

Accordingly, when the life expectancy of your dog has average physique, currently 4 years of age.

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