How Much Dog Eat Is Enough?

On the market there are many brands and categories of dog food. Therefore, dog owners will have many options and making the right choices can sometimes be difficult. If you consider factors that affect your dog's diet such as size, age, energy consumption, health issues and food types, you can feed your dog. a reasonable way for them to be healthy, happy and even extend their life.
Prioritize nutritional needs for dogs
Different foods may contain different amounts of protein, starch and fat

. They also contain some essential vitamins and minerals. There are brands of dog food that may not contain all of the above ingredients, but there are also brands that exceed the needs of the pet. Most quality dog food will comply with the regulations set by the American Feed Control Association

There are many types of dog foods that outperform the rest because they have the right ratio of carbs, protein and fat

. In addition, these quality foods contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals for dogs. Consult your veterinarian for useful recommendations based on dog breed, age, health and activity level.
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Consider your dog's energy consumption
Different dogs need different amounts of calories, depending on their activity level, age and even the environment they live in. It's like a runners need more energy than people who sit and sit all day - more active dogs need more energy and more calories than some less active breeds. dynamic.
Growing puppies also need more energy, along with higher levels of protein and other nutrients than older dogs. Older dogs often need fewer calories to maintain their healthy weight

Even the weather changes are one of the factors that determine the amount of food your dog needs

. For example, dogs that spend time outside in the cold will burn more calories to stay warm and use more energy than dogs that lie idly in the house (they can use more from 10 - 90% of energy).
The sedentary dogs will probably eat less than the dogs that often run and play.
The right amount of food for your dog
It is impossible to measure the exact amount of dog food, so it's inevitable that there will be an error when calculating and giving the amount of food that your dog needs every day. Start by watching the instructions on the dog food pack. You only need to refer to this information, as the instructions on the packaging can cause the dog's food intake to be more than is actually needed.
Next, consider other factors like your dog's age and your lifestyle. For example, puppies and adult dogs need more food than old dogs. The best way to determine the amount of dog food is to look at how the dog eats

. See if dogs eat everything in their food bowls, sometimes don't eat or even skip meals. If your pet has a noticeable waist, it proves that the dog has a very fit body. And if you can feel your dog's ribs easily, perhaps your dog has been fed the right amount.
If you overfeed your dog, he will get bored and stop eating for a long time.
Why should you only feed your dog enough?
If you feed your dog too little, he or she may suffer from nutritional deficiencies.
However, if you feed your dog too much, he will be obese and have related health problems such as:
Musculoskeletal problems such as osteoarthritis, cross ligament rupture and disc disease
Congestive heart failure
Shortness of breath
Cushing's disease
Skin disorders
Some types of cancer
Shorten the life
Reduce the quality of life
Therefore, feeding your dog the right amount of food will help support their overall health and make them feel extremely healthy.
You should feed your dog just enough to avoid digestive problems.
Notes in the dog's diet
Check the weight of the dog
Check your dog's weight every 2 to 4 weeks and then record it

. If your dog gains or loses abnormally, you need to adjust your food intake.
Assess your dog's weight when changing food types
Once you change your dog's food, check their weight closely as the calories will differ from food to food.
Always talk to the vet
Please consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions about your pet's health or diet. They can help you determine the exact amount of dog food needed based on their age, health status and lifestyle.
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