How Often To Bathe A Cat: You May Not Know It!

How often to bathe a cat is a question many new hobbyists care about. Bathing your cat is an important thing you need to do to help keep your pet clean and fragrant. So, do you know how to bathe your cat properly? How often does a cat bath 1 time? Let me tell you in this article.
How often to bathe your cat 1 time: Causes and answers
Why are cats afraid of water?
Before finding the answer how long to bathe your cat 1 time. Find out why cats are afraid of water

. Every owner knows that cats are very clean and extremely afraid of water. But do you know why this fear exists?
Fear of water is the behavior that occurred after a long evolution and thoroughbred of cats.
According to scientists' research, the ancestors of cats originated from wild cats in Africa and Europe
This place has long been a large plain with little land adjacent to the sea

. Therefore, over time, cats did not have the opportunity to interact with many countries.
Later, when the Egyptians purebred the first cat breeds, the cats were less exposed to water because Egypt is a land near the desert, the weather was dry. Therefore, the ancestors of modern cats were afraid of water. Over time evolution, this fear became an integral part of cats.
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The safest way to bathe a kitten
Should we bathe for cats?
So, how often should a cat bath?
Cats can naturally clean their fur. Their saliva as a detergent is capable of cleaning grease and stains. The cat's serrated tongue acts like a comb
Therefore, the fur of cats is always shiny

. Because of this thought, plus cats are clean and do not like water, many owners are very limited to bathe their pets.
If you do not bathe your cat, it is very easy for skin diseases to affect the fur and nails.
In fact, this view is wrong. Cats have relatively thick fur, often changing their hair. Moreover, the weather changes, the air is polluted. If not bathing, the dog will be infected with lice, dog ticks, fleas, affecting health.
Therefore, you should wash your dog once a month. For cats who are physically weak, the number of baths can be reduced to every 6 weeks

. But if his coat is too dirty or smelly, bathing is now necessary.
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How often to bathe a cat: how to bathe correctly?
Choose a cat bath time
The proper timing of bathing your cat is an important factor in deciding whether or not your cat will cooperate. Do not bathe your dog when he is hungry. They will only think of eating instead of soaking in a tub of water. And don't try to force them to bathe, as they will make your cat angry. At that time, cats may accidentally hurt you.
Before taking a bath, you should observe how your cat feels and responds.
Similarly, the time when the cat is playing or sleeping is not suitable for taking the baby to the bath

The best time is to choose when your cat has just had a snack and finished sleeping. Waiting for your baby to be awake, approach him and cuddle slowly to take a bath. If your baby refuses or feels upset, you can scratch to make him feel relaxed and stress free.
Bath water for cats
Ideal cat bath water is warm water. Not too hot or too cold. You can use a small basin or bathe your cat directly on the sink. However, releasing the cat in a full water tank will scare the pet.
You should use warm water to bathe your cat to help her feel comfortable

You need to memorize the steps below to bathe the cat is not torture with the owner and "boss".
Step 1: Pour some warm water into the basin, note that the amount of water is just enough to wet the cat's paws.
Step 2: Put the cat in the water basin slowly release the cat's feet in contact with the water in the basin. Use your hands to splash the potted water on the cat's paws to help them get used to it.
Step 3: Add water to the basin slowly. Then, use a glass of water to wet the cat's fur. Remember to do things gently to avoid cat agitation, loss of calm and panic. They can jump out of the basin

Step 4: Use a special shower gel for cats, pour out your hands and apply on the cat body. Start from the head, then back, abdomen and tail. You should pay attention to massage evenly. Maybe your pet will not like shampoos. However, this helps clean up odors and parasites that cling to your pet's skin. Absolutely do not let the shower gel get into the eyes.
Step 5: Clean cat fur with warm water. Use soap to clean your cat's hair

. At this time, once they get used to it, you can use a slow running water to speed up the showering process.
Step 6: Use a towel to dry cat fur. Simply press your hand gently towel will absorb water from cat fur. Then, use another dry towel to cover the cat so as not to cool down the body. It also helps their fur to dry faster. This is done showering, you can help your pet grooming the fur.
Step 7: Complete the excellent task, you should reward your pet by cuddling or by favorite food. The dog will have a positive mindset and be excited to receive bathing next time

Notes for bathing the cat

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