How To Adopt A Kitten The Most Scientific Mother

How to adopt a kitten to lose its mother so that the pet can grow and develop normally is the feelings of many young people when the mother accidentally dies or when you accidentally pick up that "baby" on the way. So how to adopt a kitten to lose mother like? Let's find the answer with the article below.
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How to adopt a kitten the most scientific mother
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A kitten born for a certain reason without being cared for by the mother is a pretty big loss, because animals are just like humans, losing a mother is a loss that nothing can compensate for.
And how to raise a kitten to lose a mother is not really simple as well as it requires a lot of time, meticulous and ingenious for the kitten to develop the best. So if anyone has and is starting to adopt kittens who lose their mother, then it is necessary to identify and prepare carefully

Kittens lose their mother in addition to good care, you should also be the one who compensate for your baby.
And so that the pet lovers in general and cats in particular do not have too much difficulty when trying to raise a newborn kitten to lose their mother, we will suggest some issues to note as follows.
Set up cages for kittens who lose their mothers
This is the first important thing we do when we adopt a kitten that loses its mother because it is quite disadvantageous
So when you try to adopt a kitten to give birth to a mother, you need to build that kitten a warm and safe nest

The nesting box for the kitten losing its mother must be kept in a private place so that it will not be drained by the wind and keep the kittens' nest away from other pets. If your mother has her mother, she will usually be kept warm by the mother, but when she loses her mother, she can not regulate her body temperature, so you need to spread towels or clothes on the floor to keep the new kitten born.
With newborn cats, you need to wrap your baby in a warm towel because their body is still quite weak.
If we want to be more scientific and clam, we can buy a nice little cage for our kittens. However, we still need to spread the blanket under the cage to keep warm and let the kittens lie comfortably. If you only have one kitten, you can put a small stuffed animal in the cage so that the kitten does not feel lonely or miss her mother.
If you have a lot of kittens who have lost their mother at the same time, you can keep them in the same cage to keep them company and less lonely

So, in order to know how to raise kittens and lose their mothers science, the first thing to focus on is to build a habitat for them to be warm, airy and safe

You should not feed your newborn cat foods too early because this time, the baby's digestive system is still very weak. Fresh foods will cause diarrhea and affect your baby's long-term health.
Develop a diet for newborn kittens who lose their mothers
After giving birth to a kitten that has lost its stable mother, you need to embark on building a diet for newborn cats.
First, you need to buy equipment for cats to drink milk. You can buy kittens specially designed for kittens at pet stores or you can take advantage of familiar items such as eye drops or small cylinders.
Milk for newborn cats losing their mother is Royal Canin BabyCat Milk or if they are not ready, we should use rice broth instead. However, rice water is only a fire-fighting measure and the next day we need to give the kitten milk to ensure nutrition.
Royal Canin Babycat Milk has a special DHA formula that helps the cat's body and brain develop healthy

The way to raise a newborn kitten is similar to the way we take care of a newborn baby. Before mixing milk, we still need to sterilize the bottle with boiling water, put the milk into the bottle and stir until 10p to settle the foam before feeding the kitten.
Because if the baby just started to stir milk, the kitten will get bloated easily. To feed a kitten, use one hand to slightly lift the head and the other to bring the bottle into the mouth for the kitten to feed.
When making formula for newborn kittens, it's important to keep in mind the temperature of the water, usually between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius, and you need to pre-empt the milk to check for heat.
Keep track of health for newly born kittens who lose their mothers
In order to find the best way to raise a kitten that has lost its mother, it is indispensable to regularly monitor and provide health care for cats. Because there is no mother, the way to adopt a kitten to lose its mother is that we must support the kitten to defecate and urinate.
Take a soft wet towel and rub gently on their genitals or anus, paying attention to rub in one direction to reduce friction and rub until they stop using the restroom

In addition to nutrition, you also need to pay attention to the hygiene of kittens, especially places prone to dirt like ears or anus.
Newborn kittens will be pale yellow and have no odor, while feces will be yellowish-brown. If you see any abnormalities.

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