How To Bathe A 2 Month Old Puppy With 3 Common Mistakes

How to bathe a 2-month-old puppy that is not known to any owner. At this age, puppies are able to run and play a lot, so bathing to clean up dirt and help puppies stay healthy is essential.
When should I learn how to bathe a 2 month old puppy?
Puppies are very weak from birth. Therefore, this time the mother will use her tongue to lick away dirt, dirt and protect the puppy. At this stage, we do not need to take care of puppies too much, unless the mother dog has health problems, can not take care of the baby, then the attention and care from the owner is absolutely necessary

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Puppies at birth will not need to bathe, because their bodies are very weak, the bath can make them cold, susceptible to disease.
Newborn babies do not need to bathe right away because they are still very weak

However, after about 8 weeks of age, the puppies' bodies have grown, the immune system has grown, and the puppies run and play more and more, bathing them is essential to clean the dust

. Dirty, get rid of bacteria harmful to puppies.
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How to bathe a 2 month old puppy
How to bath 2-month-old puppies, a few things that you need to keep in mind before bathing to not affect their health such as choosing the appropriate time to bathe, how to use bath equipment is not too hard. hurt to have, use separate shampoos ...
When bathing your puppy, be careful to avoid water that is harmful to your baby's health.
Here are three basic steps to bathing a puppy that every owner should know:
Step 1: Prepare toothpick
Before you begin to bathe your puppy, this time you need to prepare all the necessary tools and furniture so that when bathing you do not need to run back and forth too much, wasting time

Tools to prepare:
Towels, at least 2 towels should be used to dry the dog faster

Use a soft, fluffy brush so as not to disturb the puppy's weak skin
Specialized shower gel for puppies
Faucets, brass if needed
Do not bathe your baby too long to avoid water affecting the baby's body.
Chó How is the dog's fur stinked?
Step 2: Bathe the dog
Use a brush, remove dirt and impurities from the puppy's fur.
Start using a hose, wet the dog's hair from the neck down to the tail. Pour a small amount of shampoo on your hands, gently rub all over the dog's body, being careful not to apply it on your face as the shampoo can affect your dog's eyes.
Use a damp washcloth, soak a little water, wipe the puppy's face, then rinse all shampoo. Note that you need to rinse well, do not leave shampoo because puppies can lick their own hair, this will not be good for them.
Wipe your baby well so that he has very dry skin and fur.
Step 3: Dry
After a clean bath, put the dog on a towel, use the other towel to gently wipe the entire dog's body

. Note that if you use the dryer at this time, you need to keep a certain distance, not so close because the slightly inside the machine is quite strong can make dogs feel uncomfortable.
After the bath, do not let the dog go outside to play immediately. Let the dog completely dry his coat and then let them out, because if the coat is still wet it will be easy to get dirty again.
You should only bath your dog about 1-2 times a week, the bath will depend on the level of playfulness of the puppy and some other factors, do not take too much bath that adversely affects the skin as well as puppy's fur.
How to bathe a 2 month old puppy with 3 common mistakes
Puppies at this stage, although large but still weak body, need more careful care. However, in some cases, we often overly care puppies, resulting in not only unprotected puppies, but also a very high risk of disease.
Taking good care of your dog will also reduce his baby's resistance.
Here are three common mistakes when a dog owner bathes a puppy:
Mistake 1: Bathing puppies too many times
Puppies are too young, too much bathing will affect their health

. It is better to take a bath only 1-2 times a week, depending on whether their fur is dirty or dirty, if still clean, do not shower too much. A lot of bathing can make the skin very dry.
Mistake 2: Using human shampoos to bathe dogs
The use of dog shampoo for dog bath is often applied by many owners, just quickly convenient, does not cost too much money to buy dog shampoo. However, this is a mistake that the owner should give up immediately.
Do not use human shampoos to bathe your dog because of the high acidity.
In the composition of the shampoo contains acid, but the puppy body right now is quite weak, we should not use human shampoo to bathe the dog, this can cause allergies, rashes, dry skin in puppies.
Mistake 3: Bathing dogs at inappropriate times
Many owners often do not care, no matter how sunny or rainy, every time is ch.

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