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How to bathe the dog like? Normally, for those who have just taken care of dogs, you will surely have many questions about how to clean your pet's body. Puppies should be trained to bathe from a young age. Good habits will be the foundation to help you maintain bathing the baby easily later. So how old can the dog be? How to bathe the dog like? How to choose dog shower gel? Tens of thousands of questions are raised about how to bathe a dog. Don't worry, Petshopsaigon

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Why should dog bath properly?
Dog bodies have a very different structure than ours. Dogs do not have sweat glands under the skin. Therefore, it is often advised that when the climate is cold or windy, we need to limit bathing the dog

However, Vietnam is in a tropical monsoon region

. The dirt is easy to stick to the dog hair, causing it to sticky. Since then, dog hair has become an extremely favorable environment, giving pathogenic bacteria conditions to multiply. Therefore, to protect your dog from parasites such as ticks and lice, you need to bathe your dog regularly. However, if the dog does not bathe properly, the dog may catch a cold. Therefore, the owner needs to bathe the dog properly to help the dog have a perfect appearance.
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How old can the dog be?
Knowing how to choose a time to start bathing is also a premise to help your dog healthy, safe. Doctors recommend that you do not bathe your dog too soon
Because the puppy is too young, the body is still not complete, the ability to adapt to poor living environment

. Water will sometimes make your dog catch a cold. However, you should not bathe your baby too late. The bigger the baby's body, the easier it will be to get dirty and grow more hair. Damp and damp hair environment will cause bacteria to accumulate, causing disease for dogs.
Although dogs are not as sensitive to water as cats. However, the small stage will be more favorable for you to form a dog bath habit, this also means that the dog bath will be simpler if you let your dog get acquainted from childhood. From there, your baby has the opportunity to get used to the water early, later, every time you take a bath, you will obediently obey. On the other hand, if you don't have a way to teach your dog to bathe early, it will be very difficult for your baby to grow up in contact with water

. So when does a puppy bath begin? It is best to bathe your baby if and only when he is 10-12 weeks old. Absolutely not bathe puppies under 6 weeks old. Because your baby's weak immune system is not yet complete. The petite skin of a puppy can still be perfectly cared for by its mother.
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From 2-3 months old, you can practice bathing your puppy.
How often to bathe the dog once
Most dog bodies are covered with an oil that protects the dog's skin. With the original purpose, the right way to bathe the dog will help clean the dog, prevent from parasitic pathogens such as ticks, lice, lice, etc. However, if we are too crazy about clean, bathing Too much dog will greatly damage the outer skin protective film

. Affect the appearance as well as reduce the quality of sleek dog hair. For most dogs, you should pay attention to this feature. Doctors recommend that, if your dog has healthy skin and is less active in running and running, you should only give your baby a bath 1-2 times a week. Just enough for your baby to keep the body fragrant, clean without hurting your baby.
Some special breeds like Poodle, Pug or big kids like Alaska, Husky need more grooming and specialized. Poodle often has oily and oily coat. Therefore, babies should be bathed regularly every 2-3 times a week. The coat of the Poodle requires you to carefully understand the characteristics of the species

. Learn more about how to bathe Poodle dogs. In addition, special breeds like Basenjis have good ways of caring for their fur. Therefore, this dog owner will not be too bothered to bathe them. You only need to make sure your dog is bathed properly every 1-2 months.
For long-haired dogs, regular bathing will help keep dogs clean.
When should dogs take a bath?
"Right way, right time". Before we get into how to properly bathe our dog, we should first understand when we should and should not bathe our dogs. With that, we can ensure the best dog hygiene effect

When not to bathe the dog
Do not shower after eating. The best way is to wait 3-4 hours after eating, let the digestive system absorb the food and bathe the dog.
The climate is cold below 18 degrees Celsius.
Puppies are sucking or have just separated their mothers
Dogs in heat or a newborn dog. The case when the baby to estrus, the body releases many typical scents to attract mates. If you bathe your dog during this time, the dog's natural odor will disappear. Dogs will become inferior, sometimes sad, stressed because they are not as attractive as other friends. At the same time will be


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