How To Breed Short-haired British Cats For Newbies

The way to breed short-haired British cats is not the same as caring for other cats. Let your cat visit your veterinarian regularly. In addition, brushing your teeth, tidying up the litter box and grooming are also things you need to do continuously for cats. In addition, make sure your cat is fed a balanced and nutritious diet. You also need to help your cat overcome his laziness by having him play and exercise

. If the above sounds difficult, do not worry, will show you how to raise the best short-haired British cats through the article below.
How to breed British short-haired cats is related to health
Take your cat to the veterinarian regularly

If you've just adopted a short-haired British cat, check its health records

. Take him to your veterinarian to determine when your cat needs sterilization, and schedule regular visits with your veterinarian (at least twice a year).
Prestigious cat vendors may have vaccinated and given your cat worms, but they still need additional vaccinations and regular checkups. In addition, cats need to be sterilized as soon as possible if you have a baby for the purpose of being a pet, not intended for breeding or commercial.
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Brush your cat's teeth
Short-haired British cats are at a high risk of gingivitis, so brush your cat's teeth daily using a pet-friendly toothpaste. In order for your cat to adapt to brushing his teeth, spread a biscuit or chicken broth on the cat's brush first. Then, put the cat in a comfortable position. Spread toothpaste on the brush, then separate the cat's lips and gently rub the cat's teeth in the up and down motion of the brush
Talk to your cat while brushing his teeth to help him relax

You can use a finger brush - this is a handy tool that looks like a brush, but it fits in your finger. A finger brush with a short coat will be suitable for the cat's teeth.
Like human toothpaste, cat toothpaste also tastes like malt, tuna, etc. Find out what flavor your cat likes to make your cat more comfortable when brushing.
Brushing your cat regularly will help keep his teeth strong later.
Check for abnormalities on cat skin
How to raise short-haired British cats to keep them healthy is impossible not to mention skin condition. If you see your cat licking, chewing or biting his skin and fur too much, he may be having some skin problems. Check to see if your cat's skin is red, injured, or irritated

. These symptoms can be caused by skin problems such as fleas, infections or allergies.
Consult your veterinarian to understand the problem and give them as much information as possible about when the cat showed these symptoms and where the cat went, what the cat did. before. In addition, if your cat scratches or chews too much in the long run, they can lead to cat hair loss.
Clean the litter box regularly
Short-haired British cats need a daily toilet. So replace old sanitary sand and replace it at least once a week (some people have to change sand every two days for their cats). Check the litter box regularly to see if the sand is lumpy, foul, and damp. If so, you need to replace the sand

Place the litter box where cats find it safe and private. For example, put the tray in a place where there are few people. Do not place trays in noisy places (such as near a heater or dryer) and places near their food or water bowls. If your home has multiple floors, make one litter box for cats.
Do not put too much sanitary sand in the tray. Most cats do not like trays covered up to 5cm of litter.
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If the toilet for cats smells, they will not go and wait until you clean up.
Groom your cat
The way to breed beautiful short-haired British cats is to take care of their fur

. Despite the short coat, "bosses" still need to be brushed regularly (at least once per week) to minimize their hair loss. If you find your cat's fur tangled, groom it as soon as possible. Use a stiff bristle brush or brush to remove tangled hair and evenly distribute the oil under the cat's skin. Brush your cat more often when it falls in the spring and fall.
You will also need to groom the British Shorthair more often as it ages and cannot take care of it as well as it used to.
Clean your cat's ears regularly
Cats rarely need to clean their ears, but check your cat's ears once a week. If there is any buildup of ears, consult with your veterinarian what products should be used to clean the cat's ears. Do not try to clean the cat's ears with a cotton swab or other human products because you could accidentally damage the cat's ears

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