How To Buy Dog Collars Does Not Pose A Risk To Your Pet’s Health

Dog collars make it easy for owners to keep and keep pets. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right necklace. In addition to the characteristics of weight, size, you also need to pay attention to some other basic principles, to avoid affecting pet health.
Why do dog collars affect the health of pets?
A necklace is not only used to keep the dogs, but they are also a highlight, extremely special pet jewelry. Besides, it is also used to walk the dog, go to the toilet or keep them when training

There are times when we often make the mistake of choosing a dog collar. This can affect their health, as well as their inconvenience in traveling and living.
Collars are an indispensable accessory for dog owners

Here are some harms when choosing the wrong necklace that farmers should avoid when choosing a necklace:
Dogs are animals that like to move a lot, if they choose an inappropriate necklace, they will cause pain, discomfort, affecting movement

. Besides, wearing a tight necklace will affect the skeleton, easily hurt during movement.
Choosing the type of collar with hard material, will make the dog feel sore neck every move, sometimes making them uncomfortable, irritable.
Choosing the right collar size for your dog is also important. If the owner is usually in the habit of walking his pet, a tight collar will affect his ability to move. For a long time, can cause the skin at the wearing site bruising, bruising, this is one of the causes of dermatitis in dogs.
Sometimes a tight necklace also makes a gentle, cute dog suddenly become modified, or irritable and growling.
Because of the dangers that we do not pay attention when buying collars for pets, causing significant effects on their physical, mental and health

If you do not know how to choose a necklace that is suitable and safe for pets, it is better to refer to some information and instructions to choose a necklace to avoid mistakes that are not worth affecting

. dog health.
Reveal 3 easy steps to choose a suitable dog collars
How to choose a necklace suitable for pets? Help them feel comfortable when moving, safe without harm to health. Here are three important tips to help you easily select the appropriate necklace for any type of pet you currently own.
Step 1: Learn about each type of dog collar
Usually, there are 3 common dog collars on the market today, or used to hold the dog: flat collars, snap-on collars and bibs.
Depending on the circumstances, as well as the different types of pets you can consider, choose the appropriate necklace for your pet.
The necklace has many different types and designs to choose from.
Flat collars: This is considered to be the most popular necklace today, they are very easy to use and adjust the size so often many owners choose.
This type of necklace is very suitable for puppies when they first use the neck strap, making them easy to get used to, comfortable and comfortable to use

Collars with a self-opening buckle: A type of collar is quite convenient, with the smart auto-open feature to prevent dogs from being pulled, jammed neck (tree branches, fences, elevators ...), they It is easy to turn on and off to "rescue" them.
This type of necklace is suitable for dogs often outside or when they play alone in the house.
Bibs are also a good alternative for collars if your dog doesn't like being confined.
Bibs: A solution to replace the case of a dog unable to use a regular collar. In addition, for active dogs, the use of bibs will prevent them from being easily strangled when playing or jumping

Some dogs with small heads, thin and thin hair when using the collar or falling, the bib will be a perfectly reasonable choice. Or when the dog wears old collars for a long time, you can also "change the wind" to change the type of wire for them, creating a new feeling.
Note that this type of seconds is not suitable for dogs under 6 months of age because they are too small, it will be easy to get inside.
Step 2: Know the dog's neck measurement before choosing to buy the collar
Just like humans, when sewing clothes, you need to take measurements to sew a suit, fit your body, to avoid sewing too wide or too tight, making it difficult to travel.
And for pets is no exception in this case, knowing their neck measurements will be easier to choose the appropriate wire size, neither too wide nor too tight, helping the pet feel comfortable. Comfortable, comfortable to move.
Dogs with 3 most important measurements are the necklace, waist length and chest size.
How to measure the neck of the dog: Starting from the point of connection between the dog's body and the neck, the excess length measured to about ½ is appropriate, this ensures they are


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