How To Calculate Dog Age With 5 Simple Observation Tips

The method of calculating the age of a dog to be exact is quite difficult. Even if you have a dog since it was a baby, you can only estimate how old it is. Although animal rescue facilities or dog stores will tell you how old your dog is, your dog's actual age is a very difficult thing - even for a veterinarian. However, you need to know the age of the dog to be able to pay attention to the health problems related to their age.
To calculate the age of the puppy is not only by their appearance, size and behavior but also a clear sign of their age

. Puppies grow when they are about 3 to 6 weeks old.
After that, the baby teeth shed and replaced them with mature teeth instead. This process begins and ends within 6 months, when the dog enters adulthood
At this time, the calculation of dog age will be more difficult

Knowing your dog's age will help the farmer adjust his nutrition and care accordingly.
In general, dogs are considered old when they are 7 years old. However, giant dogs like the Great Dane will age faster - they are considered to be old when they are 5 or 6 years old. Meanwhile, small dogs like the Chihuahua can live longer and only when they are 10 or 11 years old will be considered old. below will give some suggestions for you to calculate your dog's age easily!
How to calculate dog age through teeth
An older dog's teeth will cause them to have dental problems such as more tartar and periodontal disease. The tartar of an older dog has a darker color, accumulates thicker or even causes a tooth to burst or fall out
In fact, 80% of dogs suffer from dental diseases when they are 3 years of age or older

Bao How many teeth does the dog have?
How to calculate the age of the dog when the coat turns gray
A gray-haired dog with a muzzle, chest, and paws is probably an adult dog or an old dog, this is often an old way of observing the dog's age. However, gray hair is only part of the dog's age calculation because even small dogs may get grayed early.
For example, dogs who are anxious or overexpressed, such as fear of noise, animals and humans may get grayed out early. Therefore, a gray coat does not mean that the dog is old. But it is necessary to combine gray dog hair with some other signs of dog's body to get the best conclusion.
As you get older, dog hair will turn gray.
How to calculate dog age by observing the eye
Cataract fibrosis is a condition that causes the pupils of the eyes to be gray or blue. That is considered part of the aging process

. In smaller animals, their lenses are very sharp because they are made up of perfectly interconnected tissue fibers. The older the dog is, the more its eyesight becomes due to the increasing number of fibers appearing. The new thread pushes the old yarn together and toward the center of the lens. This compression process makes the lens hard and cloudy. Dogs with cataracts are usually over 6 years old.
Determine your dog's age through body condition
Obviously, dogs at a young age will usually have an ideal weight, healthier when old. But this is not part of the aging process, as dogs that are fed a "clean" diet, age-appropriate, and exercise regularly will stay fit and healthier. But the majority of dogs now eat processed foods throughout their lives, so they are often overweight, overweight, and even worse, as they get older

Compared to younger dogs, older dogs often suffer from joint problems like stiffness or arthritis. Fat lumps - called limomas - are also more likely to appear on older dogs.
Older dogs are more likely to develop weight-related illnesses.
How to calculate dog age through behavior
Young dogs are more active, active than older dogs. When dogs get older, they become less active. They also have difficulty moving, such as climbing stairs and sleeping more. In addition, old dogs suffer from cognitive impairment and therefore perform strange behaviors such as standing in the corner, standing facing the wall or wandering aimlessly.
Finally, when calculating your dog's age, remember how long you have been keeping the dog

. If your dog has been with you for five years since you were a puppy, he is at least 6 years old.
Even when based on age recognition suggestions.

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