How To Care For Abandoned Cats Is Shared By Doctors

How to care for abandoned cats is how science? If you find abandoned kittens, feral cats or motherless and want to rescue and raise them, this is a useful article for you. Let's read it now!
How to take care of abandoned cats in thorough steps
Kittens without a mother cat nearby do not mean that a mother cat does not care for them. If you find kittens alone but still clean, plump, and sleep well, they will still be taken care of by the mother, leave the kittens alone. Abandoned kittens will get dirty, their nests will crack, and kittens will constantly cry from hunger. It is best for kittens not to leave the mother when they are 5 to 6 weeks of age or older

How to take care of cats abandoned under the age of 8 weeks is easy and they are also healthy due to valuable antibodies from breast milk. As they get older, taming becomes more and more difficult. If kittens 8 weeks or older are not exposed to humans, they will take longer to tame

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Step 1: Warm the cat
The first step in caring for an abandoned cat is to keep its temperature stable

. If a kitten is left in the cold, warm the cat immediately. Place your cat on a heating bag (a heating pad wrapped in a towel and set to the lowest setting) or warm the water to 100 degrees and wrap the water bottle in a towel to warm the cat. Many veterinarians use an incubator to warm cats with colds. Do not feed the kittens until their body is warm again because when it is cold they can digest properly.
Kittens less than three weeks old cannot control their body temperature. Put your cat on a heating bag and if he feels too hot, he will move to the edge of the bag. You can use a heating pad until your cat is 4 or 5 weeks old or until he or she doesn't want to use it anymore
In addition to heating bags, many cat owners prefer to use a heat lamp on their kittens

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans so warmth is extremely important.
Kittens should be placed in a carrier box or bag or in a warm, wind-free place and completely isolated from other animals. There should be blankets or towels in the box as a small towel inside the box will also warm the cat. Change your cat's blanket every day as they will defecate in the box! As cats grow, they will need more space to exercise, play and explore. So if you have a spare bathroom, keeping cats will be more interesting and easier.
You should take your cat to see a veterinarian immediately to check the cat's dehydration and general body condition. Kittens are always at risk of dehydration and that can happen very quickly, so you need to watch your kitten carefully. You can contact your local animal rescue center or an animal rescue group to ask if you can raise an abandoned cat

. Many of these organizations will help you pay for the medical care you need when your kitten grows up.
Step 2: Prepare the necessary items
How to take care of an abandoned cat will not work if you lack the necessary supplies. First, buy a kitten care kit and milk for kittens available at pet stores. The kit includes a milk bottle, some nipples and a cleaning brush. Make an X-cut at the tip of the nipple with scissors so that when the nipple is open enough to let the milk drip slowly. If the nipple is opened too small, the cat will drink the milk more difficult and it will even get tired before it is full. But if the nipple is too big, the cat may choke because the milk gets in her mouth too much.
For kittens, the most important tool is a bottle

Step 3: Prepare your cat to drink milk
Before giving your cat milk, disinfect the bottle and pacifier by boiling them in water. Milk should be warmed to room temperature. You can put milk in the microwave for 10 seconds and don't let it boil. Or you can put the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Before giving your cat milk, wash his or her hands clean. After giving your cat milk, wash your hands to protect your cat and yourself from viruses and germs. You can also use disposable gloves to give your cat milk.
Where milk is important is important for cats to do with their babies

. Kittens will feel comfortable if given milk in places like when they were raised by their mothers. You can put kittens on a cloth towel that they can cling to. Or you can sit cross-legged on the floor and put the cat in the middle of the leg. Remember to cover your cat with a clean, soft washcloth when giving milk.
When you feed your cat with milk, you can wrap a baby with a warm towel.
Step 4: How to give your cat milk
Gently open the cat's mouth with the tip of your finger and insert the nipple. The kitten will then enthusiastically cling to the nipple and drink milk. Let air into your cat's stomach by holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle

. Kittens will suck at their own pace. N.

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