How To Choose Milk For Newborn Cats?

Milk for newborn cats is the main source of nutrition for the baby's development. Usually kittens are born with absolute care from their mother. Breast milk is especially important, contains many nutrients to ensure kittens develop stable and healthy early life. However, not all mothers have enough milk for their babies. Sometimes due to a restricted diet, the mother's milk supply is not good enough or not enough to feed her crowded offspring

. That's why we need to buy breastmilk substitutes for newborn kittens. So how should we choose to buy milk for kittens? What standards ensure the best quality milk for kittens?
Why should choose the right type of milk for newborn cats?
The main source of nutrition for newborn cats is breast milk. Usually in the first 1-2 months of life, kittens will receive primary care from the mother cat
So you do not need to take too much care

. Cats are a very independent species, so caring for kittens can be entrusted to their mothers care. In case the mother cat cannot afford to raise the baby like poor health, the herd is too crowded and cannot produce enough milk. Then you need to intervene, prepare your own milk to feed your baby. Above all, you need to choose the right type of milk for newborn cats to ensure normal cat development.
Why do you need to buy specialized milk for newborn cats? Can cats drink fresh milk for humans?
We must understand that the body structure, especially the cat's digestive system, is very different from us. Your baby's digestive system doesn't release enzymes or digestive juices that can break down lactose. Therefore, when your baby drinks fresh milk containing high levels of lactose
Will cause digestive disorders, diarrhea, sometimes vomiting

. This will partially harm the kitten's growing digestive health. Therefore, choosing to buy milk for cats is very important. The milk components are specially made for the baby's immature digestive system to be easily absorbed. The nutrients also directly nourish the organ system, providing absolute nutritional value for the development of kittens.
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Nutrition standards for newborn cats
The first criterion from infant milk is that it has a similar structure to breast milk. Does not contain ingredients that irritate the kitten's digestive system such as lactose. Moreover, milk needs to focus on developing a number of important nutrients such as protein, fat and some essential nutrients such as DHA, Omega 3, Omega 6 and other vitamins and minerals. Animal bodies, especially cats, develop their energy and muscles mainly thanks to protein

. The protein requirement of cats is often very high, sometimes meat needs to account for 80% of the diet of an adult cat. Therefore, when analyzing the composition table, the average protein content in kittens should be between 30-35%. In addition, the fat content is also extremely important. Because in addition to providing energy, some fatty acids such as DHA, Omega 3 and 6 also play a very important role in the growth and development of cats. These nutrients will help your baby have the nervous system, normal and healthy cardiovascular organs. Moreover, vitamins and minerals are especially important to help children form healthy natural resistance.
All types of milk for cats are designed with the same formula as mother milk, so kittens are easy to drink.
Prestige brand
Besides the nutritional factors, when buying milk for newborn cats, you should learn a little about reputable brands

. For brands, the more reputable the market is, the more reliable we will be assured of product quality. Moreover, the more clearly a reputable brand of food safety certificates, will be carefully censored, the safer the milk will be for newborn cats to use. Here, Pet Shop Saigon would like to introduce to you the top 3 types of milk for good newborn cats and are the most used in Vietnam today.
Top 3 brands of best milk for newborn cats
Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk
Royal Canin Babycat Milk has long been known as a premium milk for newborn cats, trusted worldwide. Milk gives kittens abundant nutrition. Specially formulated, simulating breast milk up to 80% for perfect taste, helping kitten to drink milk more delicious. Ensure perfect adaptation to the kitten's sensitive digestive system. Moreover, the core product is DHA content, focusing on nurturing kittens with a healthy nervous system, quick cognitive development

. What's more, brands always put the kittens' nutritional needs first. The L.I.P Protein (easily digestible protein) content in milk for newborn cats is very high, up to 33%. Bringing abundant energy source for the baby's growth activities. Provide enough nutrients for cats to develop comprehensively. Newborn kittens have a weak digestive system. Therefore, Royal C


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