How To Clean Dog Ears In A Simple Note

How to properly clean the dog's ears at home that not all owners know. Dog ears are often a place of accumulation of dirt and bacteria, if left untreated for a long time, it can cause inflammatory diseases. So how to take care of dog ears properly, refer to this article of immediately.
How to clean ears for dogs: Benefits when cleaning ears
Dog ears are a very convenient place for bacteria to multiply and grow

. Especially for dogs with droopy ears, the risk of dogs suffering from ear infections is very high if they are not regularly cleaned.
The ear is an easy place to stick to stains and is full of bacteria.
With many dogs they often dislike being touched by their ears, making cleaning the ear more difficult
However, there are many ways that you can apply to lure them to wax such as feeding dogs good food, giving dogs new toys

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How to clean the dog: Tools to be prepared
The hygiene of dog ears and ears is not strange to current owners, but how to properly hygiene, many owners are still quite confused, and not all owners know how to clean. Dog ears properly.
Not everyone knows how to properly clean their ears.
To begin cleaning your dog, the tools you need to prepare are:
Ear cleaners: You can find specialized dog ear cleaners at pet stores, depending on the needs you choose the right type of detergent. However, avoid ear cleaners that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate your dog's sensitive ears

A cotton ball: A cotton ball will be a tool to help clean the outer contours of the ear, but never put cotton into the dog's ear canal

. Doing so may cause permanent hearing damage to the dog.
Tweezers: This is one of the essential and useful tools if your dog has a lot of dog hair.
Towel: Use a washcloth to wipe the outside of the dog's ear.
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Steps to make ear hygiene for dogs
Before you begin, take a moment to check the dog's ears. If your ears are red or inflamed, have an unpleasant odor, then you should absolutely not perform hygiene. Take them to the veterinarian for an examination as the dog may have an infection or ear mite infection, which needs early treatment.
You need to check the condition of your dog's ears before you start cleaning.
If the dog's ears have a lot of fur, use the tweezers to remove the fur from the ear canal and then start cleaning

Steps to clean dog ears safely:
After the dog has settled down, reward him with some food. Then start adding the cleaning solution to the dog's ears.
To keep the toilet water from splashing out, gently massage your fingers for about 20 seconds.
Release the dog's ear and allow your dog to shake his head if he wants to, keeping a towel on his head to prevent the liquid from flying around.
Use a little cotton, then use a cloth to wrap around your index finger, gently wipe the dog's ear canal. Only use a cotton swab if absolutely necessary, and only wipe on the visible part of the dog's ear.
Finally, after you have cleaned, you need to reward them to encourage their spirit.
Tai Dog ear cleaning solution
Tips on how to clean your dog's ear
Although it is simple to clean the dog's ears, here are some tips that can help you do this faster and easier

Should clean the dog's ears in a clean and dry place.
Just like bathing, when cleaning your ears, you also need to take your dog to a separate place to avoid the dirty spatter everywhere. Besides, you should also equip yourself an old suit, avoid the liquid detergent on your body.
Ordinary dog ears will have a lot of dirt that our eyes can hardly see. Therefore, do not hesitate to use detergent to clean the dog's ears. During the process, if you see that the dog's ears are still dirty, please continue to perform the cleaning steps until they are completely clean (should only be done up to 3 times is okay then you).
Do not clean it because it will make your dog uncomfortable.
During the procedure, if the dog's ears become red or bleeding and the dog shows signs of discomfort, immediately stop cleaning the dog's ears

Some dogs, especially short-eared dogs, don't have much hair, sometimes don't have too much dirt, so you don't need to do it too much.
Dogs with soft, hairy ears around at least once a week, you should check and clean it.
You need to clean your dog's ears regularly to avoid plaque that affects your baby's hearing.
Ensure that ear hygiene for dogs is done regularly and regularly. This will help protect the hearing of the dog, ensuring that their ears are always healthy.
Simple and effective way to clean ears for dogs.

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