How To Clean The Cat’s Ears Is Recommended By The Doctor

How to clean the ears for cats is safe and does not make the baby uncomfortable? Cats have a habit of caring for themselves, self-sufficient everything. They are almost independent in many ways except when they need to be provided with good food or healthy foods. And cats' self-grooming habits are also shaped by their independent behavior. However, even the most cranky, the most demanding cats in the world will tend to ask the owner to take care of them to help them in cleaning the body, especially the cat's ears safely. and be careful

. Do you understand the ways to clean your cat's ears? Let's find out in this article with
How to clean ears for cats, why must know?
For those who love this adorable animal, the cat is definitely very fastidious
The frequency with which you see them licking their fur, feet and other parts of their body where they can be touched is not uncommon

. In fact, cat ears don't need to be licked, as they have an integrated mechanism that cleans itself when it comes into contact with dirt or foreign objects. However, when faced with large objects, this integrated mechanism will not be able to handle so cats still need help to clean their ears.
And this is a great opportunity to help your cat as well as check regularly to find potential problems in the ear to prevent them from becoming more serious. The organ structure of the cat ears is not complicated so you can easily clean their ears compared to other animals, such as dogs. Also, be aware that some cats will have fur around their ears, which may prevent you from cleaning their ears. Assuming your cat has fur in his ears, go to a specialist or veterinarian to ask him or her to assist and help you care and hygiene for cat ears more safely.
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How to treat ear lice in cats
Learn about the composition of cat ears
Before learning about how to clean your cat's ears, you need to know the structure of the cat's ears
Like all mammals, the cat's ears will also be divided into three parts, each of which will play a different role

. The outer ear of the cat is responsible for gathering sound waves from the surroundings. In other words, this is the department that collects information from the outside world of cats. The amount of information after going through the outer ear will continue to move to the middle ear. The middle ear part acts as a bridge to the third part - the inner ear. The middle ear will convert sound waves into vibrations and transmit them to the inner ear. The inner ear, after receiving the vibrations, immediately converts into a text signal and sends it to the part of the brain responsible for encoding the message.
Close-up of cat's ear structure.
The hearing ability of cats or any other animals will depend on the surface of the crawler's outer ears

. If the outer ear is full of dirt or wax, the ability to prevent sound from being transmitted to the brain is entirely possible. More seriously, damage to the middle and inner ear can cause hearing loss. However, no one can easily clean the middle and inner ear of cats; Therefore, it is best to clean the outer ear clean, keeping the outer ear free of dirt or wax.
Cat ears are constructed according to the outer ear, the skin will protrude above the top of their head. The ear grows on the surface outside the ear, the inner will come with a soft, almost transparent hair, difficult to see. When you clean your cat's ears, do not shave off the fluff, as it helps the cat prevent dirt in the air from going deep into the cat's ears. The inner surface of the outer ear is pale pink, meaning that the ears of the ear do not show any signs of damage or abnormalities. If the ear canal is red, has a bad odor emanating from the ear, shows signs of discharge or even pus, then you need to take your pet immediately to a veterinarian for a thorough check

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In addition, you should also pay attention to the bald hairs on the outer ear, the ears are excessively dry or the appearance of scaly skin, the layer of dirt or excessive buildup of wax. These problems can signal that your cat is experiencing serious problems.
How to clean cat ears and important notes
Cleaning cat ears is really very simple. But you will have difficulty because not all cats will love having others pick their ears. Especially for the kittens, which are always nervous and scared when going through ear hygiene. As for adult cats, they will seldom feel their ears cleaned, so they will often twitch, draw claws and scratch their skin. Therefore, you need to make your cat feel secure, comfortable, and relaxed before starting ear hygiene

Next, you need to.

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