How To Cook Lungs, Process Chicken Neck For A Nutritious Dog

How to cook lungs for dogs like? is it hard that pet owners often care because the lungs are not that appealing to us but are "dazzling" with puppies. So how to cook the dog's lungs how to eat a delicious baby. Let's reveal it.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Should dogs eat duck eggs upside down? 7 simple steps to brush your dog's teeth How to supplement calcium for dogs? Does your dog drink too much water? How to cook lungs for dogs like? Should dogs eat lungs or not? People who are just beginning to have a dog often ask if they should feed their lungs or animal organs because they don't know what nutrients are in their lungs or organs. Lungs or heart, animal liver are foods that contain a lot of important and essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamins B, D, E, K and minerals like copper, iodine and phosphorus

. These substances are commonly found in vegetables, tubers, and fruits, but we still know that very picky dogs eat foods like vegetables. So feeding a dog lungs or animal organs is essential. But we need to know how to cook a dog's lungs to help them eat well and not have diarrhea
The lungs are an essential way of giving your dog vitamins when he refuses to eat vegetables

Show you how to cook a dog's lungs
Many people still think that the lungs or animal organs can feed dogs without cooking. However, this is a fairly wrong practice because the fact that we feed your dog with live organs makes your dog more susceptible to helminths and may have abdominal pain or diarrhea.
Compared to other foods, the way to make dog food from the lungs is quite simple. First you need to clean the lungs with salt water, then sliced the lungs into pieces to mouth and then boiled with water until cooked to be able to feed the puppy.
Some puppies are more picky eaters, you can stir up the lungs with dry onions to smell to stimulate your baby's taste buds. It's simple right. With this simple way of preparing dog food, we believe that anyone can do it quickly to change the daily menu for your baby

For puppies with a weak digestive system, do not give your baby raw or undercooked foods; especially viscera, because if the liver is not well done, it will contain tapeworm eggs or parasites that harm the puppy's weak digestive system

If, instead, you have a dog with a bad digestive system, offer dog food that aids digestion. These foods are not only safe but also provide the necessary nutrients and compounds to help the digestive system work better.
How to prepare some other nutritious dishes for dogs
How to prepare chicken neck for dogs
In addition to the lungs, chicken neck is also a nutritious food and a favorite dish for dogs. Also, the way to prepare chicken neck for dogs is also quite easy to process with many dishes as follows:
Stir-fried chicken neck with onion
First, you chopped up the chopped purple onion and then add the chopped chicken neck. You can mix a few more pieces of cheese or chicken eggs, the dish is more attractive. Then season with a little seasoning and then turn off the stove is complete.
With this way of making dog food from a chicken neck, you can feed it to rice or if it's a puppy, you can mix it with porridge to feed your baby.
Chicken is a white meat group, high in protein but non-toxic if cooked properly

Stewed chicken neck with vegetables and fruits:
With this dish for your dog you need to prepare ingredients such as ground chicken neck, a few vegetables such as pumpkin, potatoes, carrots. First stir fry through chicken neck. Stew your veggies with water to make a thick paste, then stir-fry the chicken neck with the vegetables. You need to pay attention not to taste too strong because it can affect the puppy's kidney after eating for a long time.
How to make dry dog food
In addition to cooking the lungs of a dog or a chicken neck, we can also make a dry dog food by using simple ingredients as follows:
200gr lean pork, 200gr carrot and 200gr pumpkin. With pumpkin and carrots you washed, sliced and brought to dry. Lean pork washed, boiled and put into mortar and crushed.
Direct cooking for puppies also helps increase affection between the dog and the owner

How to make dry dog food with lean meat and vegetables as follows:
Put some cooking oil in a pan to heat the oil and then let the dried vegetables and fry. When fried vegetables will inflate very crispy and delicious.
Pork finely pounded into a pan and then stir-dry, performing the same way as making cotton scrub.
Finally, place the pork and vegetables in a covered glass jar and store in a dry place. With this handmade dry dog food you can make a dog snack or mix it with rice as a main meal.

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