How To Cure Dogs Eat Baits, Rat Poison

How to treat dogs to eat baits is something that anyone who owns a pet wants to find out when the robbery situation is raging today. So this article we have learned and summarized some good tips on how to treat dogs eat baits and how to prevent them to introduce to you. Let's find out!
How to know if a dog eats baits, rat poison?
What is dog baits?
Although no one wants, but if you have been keeping a pet, you should also equip yourself with basic knowledge about baits, rat poison as well as some ways to handle when your pet is accidentally caught. And to know how to treat dogs eat baits, you need to know a little bit about dog baits.
Dogs raised in Vietnam are considered the most baited in the world

Baits and rat poison are poisons used to trick dogs into feeding. In the past, dog baits were made from highly poisonous herbs, but now dog baits and rat poison are made from extremely toxic substances such as cyanide, strychnine, sulfur powder or extremely toxic substances. bought in chemical markets

Thieves often use baits, rat poison to dunk on delicious food pieces like pork, chicken or bone to trick the dog into feeding so they can be easily stolen

Symptoms when dogs eat rat poison, baits.
When a dog is poisoned by a dog eating rat poison, she will immediately have abnormal symptoms such as convulsions, foaming, tiredness and sluggish gait and no longer agile as usual.
Prior to these signs and knowing that your dog was poisoned by a rat poison, she could see that the dog spits and eats unclear things like bottles, skull-shaped jars or crossbones.
Lethargy, twitching is the most noticeable sign of a dog eating a bait.
Or it could also eat pate-laced dog baits, chicken that the bandits threw around the active dog area. We should pay close attention to our dog so that when we see such abnormal signs, we will immediately take appropriate measures.
Dog eat baits how long will it take to die?
Usually a dog eating a baits will not die immediately but will have the above symptoms
Depending on the amount of poison that dogs eat more or less as well as the health of each dog

Also, how long a dog eats, it will depend on the time we detect and perform the treatment for the dog that eats. Because for a long time the poison will go into the stomach and small intestine. Until then it's really hard to cure.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< 15 types of watchdogs can cause poisoning for dogs How to prevent dogs from heat stroke Can dog scabies spread to humans? What do dogs do with itching scratching and bleeding? How to cure dogs eat baits like? How to cure dogs eat baits, rat poison When dogs are found to be baits, rat poison should immediately take measures to help dogs vomit toxins in the baby's body. The fastest way to detox is to help the dog vomit all the toxins in the baby's body. When a dog is hit by a bait, the dog cannot drink the water and needs to be stunned, expose the baby's mouth and fill it with water as much as possible. One way to treat dogs eating baits that many people have successfully applied is to give dogs oxygen to drink to stimulate the stomach causing vomiting faster. With hydrogen peroxide you should only use a teaspoon for a dog that can weigh 5kg

. If your dog is older then multiply it by the number of times you need to know the amount you need.
In an emergency, you should take your dog to a veterinary center for assistance.
After the dog has vomited, we continue to treat the dog to eat baits with Oresol dehydration or you can mix your own salt water and sugar in a 9: 1 ratio to compensate for the water the baby has vomited.
Once we have implemented the methods to help the dog vomit as above, let's take the dog to hospitals, veterinary clinics for further examination and treatment.
Before bringing your dog to the vet, you need to bring the baits that the dog eats or estimate the bait and rat poison that the dog can put into the vet. The most accurate addition.
How to prevent the dog from being eaten baits like?
In order to avoid having your dog eat baits or rat poison we need to be careful and keep poisonous medicines out of the reach of the dog.
At the same time, we should keep an eye out for pets and do not let them eat or drink food outside your home area

. Every time at night, keep the dog in a stable carefully to avoid the bandits as well as to prevent dogs from eating dog baits as they deliberately throw them into the house.
You should not let your dog go out alone too much to avoid baits.
One way to prevent it is also quite interesting that a lot of dog owners train their puppies like training dogs not to eat strange foods. The practice is to spread food around the house and if the dog starts to eat, yell and punish the baby as gently as a dog standing still or hitting the buttocks. Doing so many times, the dog will not eat obscene food, but only the foods you provide in a fixed position of the baby.
Above are the tips on how to treat dogs eating baits as well as some good precautions.

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