How To Deodorize Dog Urine Effectively

How to deodorize dog urine effectively and cleanly? Even the most fastidious people have to admit that puppies are cute. They have sparkling eyes that can make any heart melt with soft fur and short legs like naughty round cotton balls. But sometimes puppies sometimes have very unfortunate conditions such as indiscriminate defecation. Regardless of what breed you have, or how carefully you train your dog, there are times when your dog defecates indiscriminately out of control.
When your dog goes to the toilet indiscriminately and you must be the one who cleans this battlefield, then you need to keep in mind a few things to do and do not do below to help deodorize dog urine successfully!
How to deodorize dog urine in 5 simple steps
Before you deodorize your dog's urine, it's important that you try to be calm and patient with your dog

. Scolding pets can stress them not only right away, but also leave a great psychological wound in their hearts. So gently instruct them to go to the toilet this way is the wrong way. At the same time, be patient to guide your dog to the toilet again

Depending on the surface of the puppy, there may be different cleaning methods

. If your dog pees on the carpet, you will need to soak up the urine and take more steps to clean it when the dog is on the floor. In addition, the ability to detect the scent of dogs is much more sensitive than that of humans. Therefore, do not let the house smell of urine. When the house is clean, the dog will not be able to smell their previous indiscriminate urine and will start urinating in the prescribed places.
The smell of dog urine is always what many owners are scared of.
Step 1: Absorb urine
The first step to deodorizing dog urine is to try to soak up their urine. Paper towels and cloths are the ones that absorb urine the most
The faster you absorb urine, the better, because the longer it takes to sink into the floor or the carpet, the stronger the odor

. Try to press tissue and cloth with moderate force to soak more urine. An effective way to deodorize dog urine is first to remove any remaining waste water.
Step 2: Drain the remaining urine
If your home has a wet vacuum, use it to vacuum as much urine as possible, especially on carpeting. Use a vacuum cleaner that uses moisture, not a dry vacuum. If you use a regular dry vacuum cleaner, when the water is sucked into the machine, it may catch fire and you will get an electric shock. Therefore, you must pay special attention to whether your house vacuum cleaner is a dry or wet vacuum cleaner. If you don't have a wet vacuum, go to step 3.
You can empty the urine with a type of vacuum

Step 3: Use a special dog deodorant spray
Dog urine deodorant spray is a product you should buy when you start raising your pet. A deodorant spray is used when you are not smoking any more urine, so it's time to use some pet waste products. When choosing a dog urine dispenser, choose one that has an enzyme extract. These products can attack and break uric acid crystals in the urine, thereby eliminating the residual urine and its unpleasant scent. In addition to cleaning, dog deodorant sprays can kill bacteria that exist in your dog's urine. Spray the detergent into places with urine and let the bleach sink in. Afterwards, gently dab the tissue onto the spots you just sprayed.
Step 4: Use baking soda or deodorant
Once you're done cleaning, you can sprinkle some baking soda or spray deodorant water on the urine

. You can also use perfumed water to overwhelm the smell of urine more effectively. The way to deodorize dog urine is not simply to clean the toilet area, but also to remove the pet's odor.
Baking Soda can also be used to clean a dog's restroom.
Step 5: Reward your dog for defecation in the right place
After clearing the smell of your dog's urine, get the dog to the right spot for his toilet before he continues to urinate. Because the new dog was not long before, sometimes you will have to wait for the dog to be upset. Then, guide the dog again and reward him for doing what you ask him to do.
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Items that should not be used to deodorize dog urine
Bleach (Javen)
Medicine t.

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