How To Determine The Average Life Expectancy Of Cats

What is the average life expectancy of cats? If you are not sure, you should probably find out right away because cats of different ages have different needs. For example, older cats will be healthier if they eat foods high in protein but this is not possible for kittens.
Perhaps you're curious now to find out how to calculate the average cat life span? In fact, the age of a cat is difficult to determine unless you have had a cat since it was born. But through this article, you will learn how to estimate your cat's age through various factors.
5 tips to determine the average life expectancy of cats
Check the cat's teeth
Cats' milk teeth begin to grow when they are 2 to 4 weeks old

. When the cat is 4 months old, the baby teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth will erupt. Usually, when a cat is 6 months old to 1 year old, it has enough permanent teeth.
Once all the permanent teeth have erupted, you can check the color of the teeth to see the average life expectancy of the cat
Yellow teeth, cats will get older? Why? That is the trace of time

A change in teeth helps determine whether the cat is old or not.
Usually if you only see a little tartar on the cat's teeth, your cat is still young, from 1 to 2 years old. Cats aged 3 and up will have yellow teeth.
When your cat is about to reach the age limit, around 10 years old, yellow will cover all of his teeth.
Color is not the only factor that denotes age. Check also the quality of cat teeth. That means that older cats will have dull teeth, lack of gloss, and may not even have enough teeth
The teeth of young cats will be white, strong and firmly attached to the gums

. Cats begin to age their teeth when they are about 5 years old.
Some teeth will not be as sharp as before and even broken. By the time the cat is 10 years old, the cat will lose some teeth and they may have dental diseases.
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Check the cat's fur
The average life span of a cat can be determined by the color and condition of the coat. The kitten's fur is very smooth and soft. But as the cat ages, the texture and color of the fur will change. Cat fur will be thicker and harder. The coat color is from lighter to lighter or vice versa

Old cats also have gray or silver fur that is quite similar to human hair in old age.
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Check your cat's grooming habits
Are you surprised by the excessive cleanliness of the cats? Cats often groomed continuously to stimulate blood flow, clean wounds and maintain body temperature. But the older the cat, the less groomed it is.
There are many reasons cats stop grooming at a certain age, of which dental problems are one reason. When the cat is about 5 years old, tartar and plaque begin to build up causing them pain and discomfort.
If your cat has sore teeth and gums, he will be reluctant to groom.
Another reason cats may be less groomed is that they have arthritis. Arthritis is the result of aging

. Cats with arthritis have difficulty moving, so they are less groomed.
The older the cat is, the less licked it will be because the degenerated joints make it harder to lick the fur.
Check the cat's eye
The cat's eyes will change with the average life expectancy of the cat. Cats have the most unique eyes in the animal world. Cat eyes are so beautiful that women have makeup that simulates "cat eyes".
Healthy kittens and adult cats will have clear and bright eyes. If you examine your cat's eyes carefully, you will not see any cloudiness and blood in their eyes. But when your cat gets older, those clear eyes will become dull and dull

Besides that obvious change of eye, check out the cat's iris. This is the colorful part of the eyes. As your cat gets older, you will notice some changes in your cat's iris - this is called iris atrophy. That's when the inside of the iris breaks and becomes thinner.
The cat's eye color will change over time. Most noticeable when a cat is small until maturity.
Sexually mature
Average life expectancy of a cat can also be determined over time. Cats begin to heat as early as 6 months of age

. During this time, you will notice some of the changes in cat behavior caused by hormones. For example, cats will be more aggressive if you have other cats in the house.
Other signs of sexual maturity of male cats are spraying urine, chirping at night (like the sound of a baby crying loudly) and wanting to escape.
On the other hand, female cats will reach sexual maturity when they are 5 to 12 months of age. By then, the mating season of the female cat has arrived and they are ready to find suitable males.
The sign that your female cat is in mating season is emitting a distinctive sound and rubbing her body too much on your leg.
The female cat will soon become a mother and give birth to the first litter by the time they are seven years old.

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