How To Encourage Your Cat To Exercise And Play

Have you ever watched your cats exercise? Perhaps your cat will exercise by jumping around the house, from room to room or on furniture, ripping rugs and clothes, or biting your feet in the middle of the night.
Like humans, exercise is important for cats. Kittens, like adults, healthy or sick cats, need exercise. Older cats, in particular, need regular exercise to maintain both physical and mental health.
We all know that exercise is an extremely effective way to improve health

. Cats can be depressed if they are not exercising regularly. They can disturb you from waking you up at night if they don't get enough exercise during the day. Cats are great motor animals, but they prefer to exercise only for a short time
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.vn will give some useful tips for you:
Understand your cat
In order for cat exercise to be effective, you first need to understand how the cat plays. Like other mammals, cats have started playing since they were babies and continue to perform these physical activities until they have grown. Playing is a complex activity that helps kittens learn and develop relationships in society - and cats also cultivate both physical and mental skills. And most of all, cats are very happy to have fun. Cat games can be divided into three main types:
Understanding cats will help them become closer and closer to you.
How cats communicate with society
Socializing is a way for kittens to interact with their peers, their mothers, other cats and even other pets in your family. When cats interact with different individuals and objects, they will know where they are
Based on early life communication experiences, cats will develop traits and personalities as they mature

How cats play toys
Cats like to poke, throw, scratch and throw small objects. That's how cats hunt for prey in the wild. When playing these games, cats will develop the survival skills they need if they live alone. You may see your cat stepping on a toy, turning it over or walking around it.
These are actions that simulate how to suppress and kill cats for food. Playing with specific objects helps cats feel the world around them. Initially when not familiar, cats may be wary and wary of new toys. But soon, they will immerse themselves in their curiosity and never stop exploring

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How cats move
An active cat is a confident cat. Running and jumping in games that require physical activity helps cats increase strength, coordination, and flexibility. This active play will stimulate your cat's appetite and still improve their health. In addition, exercise helps cats less bored. If your cat is active before bed, he will sleep well and will not disturb the owner.
In addition to physical enhancement, exercise also improves cat emotions. Cats will feel extremely happy when running with other cats, other animals and even humans.
Regular activity will help your cat prevent many different diseases

📍 How to make toys for cats to improve health
How to choose the right toy for the cat
There are many types of cat toys available on the market, but do you know what your cat likes to play? Does your cat like to play with bees, bugs or mice? There are many types of toys for cats and each cat has a unique hobby.
Buy a variety of cat toys to determine their preferences. For example, there are cats who like bird-like toys such as bird toys, toys that emit singing birds or can fly like birds. Other cats will like rats like mice, toys that emit mice, etc. Cats may like to toss, bite or chew on their prey. And most of all, cats love to play with these prey simulation toys. You can give your cat a lot of games such as giving him a piece of food to chase them, using a laser light on the wall or floor, .

Mix your cat's toy
When introducing toys to cats, introduce them one by one. Buy toys of different sizes, shapes and textures. Try rolling, throwing, throwing and moving toys in different ways at different speeds. For dangling toys, you can hang the toy in front of the cat and slowly move it. You can also use toys with feathers attached to simulate how birds fly for cats to see. In addition, cats also enjoy playing with balls that can simulate the movement and sound of prey.
Once you know what your cat likes, you can resize it


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