How To Find Stray Cats And Lead Home Effectively

Finding stray cats and taking them home is something that many people have a hard time. Nothing is more panic than detecting your cat is missing. But don't despair - there are many ways to find a stray cat and bring it home safely.
Ways to get your cat home will depend on whether you have an active or lazy cat. So, read this article to find out which method works best for your cat

Find stray cats and bring sedentary cats home
If your cat is sedentary but suddenly disappears, be comfortable as he will never leave home too far. They are just hiding somewhere nearby.
However, cats will not react to the strange environment the way you think
When cats are scared, they will hide

They also do not respond to your call, so they will not run again when you call your name. Cats will hide until they feel safe enough to go outside.
A scared cat will not be far from home 2km. They will curl up somewhere and try to be unnoticed. So it's easier to find a lost cat.
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How can cats not leave home?
How to find stray cats when they are sedentary
Check under the car or in any other area where you think the cat will feel comfortable hiding there. Cats tend to hide in small, tight spaces to feel safe

Unfortunately, some cats will hide in a car engine - especially if it's cold

. If the vehicle is turned on, the cat will not have a chance to survive.
To prevent this, take a small bag of mothballs and hang them under your hood. The chemical smell will repel cats. Hang the moth-pack bag away from engine parts to prevent odors from entering the vehicle.
Some people drive around looking for stray cats. However, you will not find cats that easily. Check carefully under the eaves, in the bush, under the car, or any other small spaces where you think cats will hide.
If your cat is sedentary, they may be hiding in some familiar places only

The most effective time to find a stray cat
It is best to look for sedentary cats at night, when people are sleeping. The sounds of cars and people will scare the cat, so it's a good idea to choose a quiet time.
The time to look for cats is from 12pm - 4am or when your cat is most active. Your cat will be more likely to respond to your voice or be tempted by food.
Find the stray cat and take the active cat home
It's horrible that cats suddenly disappear just before their regular meal. However, it's no wonder that an energetic cat goes away from home for days.
Before making the worst conclusions, keep in mind that there are a number of reasons why cats are not home yet, such as cats being given food from other people, so they will be less interested in regular meals at home.
Cats have no concept of punctuality or time like humans

. Cats just value their eating time.
This does not mean that you should be less worried or immediately try to locate the cat. You know your cat better than anyone, so you can judge whether or not your cat is away from home.
For cats who often run away from home, they will find their way home easily.
How to find stray cats and bring active cats home will be different from sedentary cats. Unlike sedentary cats, active cats will be more around their territory.
As mentioned earlier, cats rarely leave their territory. Active cats are no exception and they tend to be in places that are most familiar to them

Tips for finding stray cats and bringing them home safely
Find stray cats with food
Finding stray cats with cat food is the most common way. Walk around where cats hide and shake their favorite foods or open a box of food. The fascinating sounds of food will get your cat out of hiding.
Find stray cats with toys
If your cat likes cat toys that make him sound, the sound of that toy stimulates him out. This is also a way for you to find stray cats more simply.
Find lost cats with unwashed items
This might sound strange, but keep your laundry in a box by the door. Cats are very familiar with your scent so you can use this method to bring your cat home.
How to do it: Take a cardboard box, cut a suitable hole to let the cat through

. Then put your stuff in the box so your cat has a comfy bed.
One of the ways to seduce cats is to use familiar scents to attract attention.
Leave the toilet tray outside
Cats are very familiar with their own scents. So you can leave the litter box outside to find lost cats and take them home.
Traps for cats
Try making a trap and using your cat's favorite food as bait. While other cats or dogs may also be seduced by this trap, this is still a highly effective way.
Notify neighbors of cats' disappearance
Tell your neighbors that your cat is missing. They may see cats somewhere or help you


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