How To Groom The Best Cat

Most cats will spend most of their day grooming. Their bodies are extremely flexible so they can bend to reach the parts easily. On the tongue, there are also a series of thorns that are used to groom, remove excess hair and dirt.
Cat fur is usually made up of three types of fur: inner coat, middle coat and protective coat. However, there are several breeds of cats that have three different layers of fur making a difference to their fur

. Grooming is essential to the cat's coat, as it helps to remove shed hair and prevent cats from eating their own fur. After that, the fur will affect the cat's digestive system causing cats to suffer from tufts of fur.
Grooming plays an important role in a cat's life such as:
Removes excess hair and smooths hair so that your cat's body adapts to the freezing environment more effectively
Cool your cat's body by spreading saliva on the fur to evaporate the saliva to cool the cat
Keep the fur waterproof by stimulating the glands at the root of the hair
Distributes the oil along the coat, creating vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and then being absorbed by the cat

Spread the characteristic scent of cats
Eliminate parasites
Improve social relationships with other cats when cats groom each other
Regular grooming helps keep cats from getting tufts of fur

In addition, grooming offers the following benefits:
Improve muscle for cats
Stimulates your cat's skin to produce oil to keep the fur shiny
Cats will remove some of their fur themselves when grooming, but if you groom your cat daily, especially when the cat is in the moult stage, it will help to remove most of the fur and prevent the formation. of the bun in the cat's belly
When you brush your cat's fur, you can check his cat's body by looking at his ears, eyes, mouth and checking for fleas, ticks, or parasites on his or her body.
Grooming can be beneficial for you and your cat, and is also a positive way to make your cat-dog relationship more intimate.
When you adopt a kitten, you need to get your cat accustomed to grooming from an early age. Gradually take more time to groom your kittens until they are comfortable with this. Many cats like to be groomed and see it as part of their daily routine. Some kittens and adult cats can get used to grooming much faster than others
And what's important is that grooming is not an unpleasant experience for both you and the cat

. Don't force cats to groom themselves when they are stressed. Therefore, letting your cat get used to grooming from a young age will help them reduce stress and make it easier for the veterinarian to examine the cat's body. Cats will know what they need to do so they will not be uncomfortable or surprised anymore.
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Note when grooming cats
Here are some signs that your cat is feeling uncomfortable. If your cat shows these signs, you should stop interacting with them.
Cats have hyperactivity syndrome or convulsions
The cat's tail is pounding down, dangling back and forth or twitching
The cat is suddenly motionless or becomes nervous
Cat ears twitch or turn backwards
Cats swallow or lick the edges
Cat shook his head
Cats suddenly groom their bodies quickly
The cat growls or hisses
If your cat often licks her, it's a sign that she needs to be brushed.
How to groom short-haired cats
You will need some equipment such as a flea comb, a bristle brush, a rubber brush or a grooming glove. Start grooming your cat when she's relaxed and happy

. Brush your cat at least once a week.
First, use a flea comb to check for fleas on your cat. If so, talk to your veterinarian for effective treatment of cat fleas.
You can use your fingers to remove dead hairs by massaging in the direction the hair grows toward the head of the cat. From the head of the cat, gently brush the fur in the direction of the hair growth. Use a fur brush to brush the cat's head (if your cat allows it) and then comb the fur in the opposite direction to make it smooth (many cats don't like it because some will find it uncomfortable). This will remove all excess hair from the cat. You can then use a rubber glove or a brush to continue picking up the remaining hair

. The grooming process may be either short or long depending on whether the cat is comfortable or not and should finish before the cat shows discomfort. When you have finished brushing your cat, praise and reward them.
When brushing your cat's fur, you should follow the fur of the cat to avoid upsetting the boss.
How to groom long-haired cats
You need to use a wide-toothed comb and gloves or rubber bristles. Long-haired cats should be groomed at least once.

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