How To Identify A Cat With Pain Through Expression

Recognize how painful the cat is? It is difficult to detect where the cat is hurting because they hide it very carefully. In the wild, cats are predators - and weak, weak cats become prey to other larger animals. Therefore, being weak, painful and tired will make it easier for cats to be targeted by other predators. So most cats often show that they are "normal" even though they may be sick or uncomfortable. Consequently, owners often misunderstand or ignore signs that cats are hurt

But researchers are trying to solve this predicament by developing useful tools so that both veterinarians and owners can decode behaviors or expressions that show that cats are. problem.
It is quite difficult to tell if your cat is in pain because they hide the pain quite well

Decoding your cat's expression is a way to identify if your cat is in pain
A new tool used to decode a cat's expression, FGS, was recently reviewed and published in the Scientific Reports magazine

. To build a scale to help identify this painful cat, researchers at the University of Montreal conducted a survey of 31 cats that were sick and 20 cats without illness. All cats will be filmed secretly and researchers will evaluate their expressions using screenshots from the videos.
Next, they will compare two groups of cats, classify, test and note the expression of the "five facial parts" (ears, eyes, muzzle, whiskers, head) that signal the cat's pain. .
Ears - Ear facing forward, ears slightly extended or ears cropped and turned away
Eyes - The pupils are narrowed, the eyes are wide open, partially open or narrowed
Muzzle - The muzzle from its normal state gradually spread to the sides into an ellipse
Mustache - Beard soft and arched, slightly curved or straight, or beard straight and forward
Head - Head relaxed on shoulders, aligned with or sloping below shoulders
However, when painful, certain parts of the cat will change. If you notice it will be easy to see.
Each part of the cat's face will take a maximum of 3 points as a measure of 0, 1 and 2
Point 0 is the painless cat, point 1 is moderate pain and point 2 is the pain with obvious manifestation

. Maximum number of points is 10; a score of 4 or more means that the cat is in pain and needs pain relief. You can clearly see the expression from point 0 to point 2 as in the image below:
Image illustrating some expressions of cats when they are in pain.
The FGS is designed primarily for veterinarians to identify if the cat is in pain, but developers are trying to be used by other veterinarians and owners as well.
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25 signs your cat is being injured
A 2016 study by researchers at the School of Life Sciences at Lincoln University in the United Kingdom investigated signs that cats are hurt. These signs are primarily behavioral, so the owner must observe the cat's behavior very carefully and thoroughly.
British researchers surveyed an international council of 19 veterinary experts in various fields. Experts are required to list the types of disorders and evaluate the degree of pain to identify cats suffering from the following criteria:
Signs of acute or chronic illness or when cats are unaware
The accuracy of those signs
Likely to appear when the cat is mildly ill
Likely to appear when the cat is very ill
The pain will make the cat always feel uncomfortable and stop eating often.
Based on the survey results, the researchers classified 25 signs

. However, cats may still be vulnerable, although these signs may not appear.
The 25 signs below are considered by veterinarians to be "reliable and flexible based on a range of different clinical signs" to receive a sore cat.
Stumbling when jumping high
Weight change
Unusual gait
Regularly lick a specific area of your body
Reluctantly moved
Head down
Hiding or hiding
Blepharospasm (eyelid spasm)
Do not groom as much as before
Change eating behavior
Annoyed when stroked
Avoid areas with bright light
Not playing as much as before
Reduce cravings
Reduce overall activity
Close your eyes
Little rubbed on people as before
The general mood is unstable
Tail erected
Psychological instability
The researchers concluded:
"These results have improved our knowledge in this area, but more in-depth research is needed to assess their accuracy and clinical feasibility (especially for other pain levels. ) to enable the veterinarians and the owner to identify the symptoms clearly, thereby making appropriate and timely treatment recommendations. "
The pain will make the cat feel uncomfortable, even when petted.
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Cat identification tool.

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