How To Identify Smart Cats 99% Accuracy

How to identify smart cats, have you ever wondered about this problem? Unlike dogs, cats are not trained to rescue, assist police or sniff. So a lot of people say cats don't have the intelligence to handle complex tasks like dogs. But can cats really be as smart as dogs? The answer may surprise you.
Just because cats can't do rescue or police jobs does not mean dogs are smarter than them. Cats can be as smart as dogs, or even much smarter

One thing we know for sure is that cats are conscious. This is why the way cats are perceived to depend greatly on their actions and emotions. Cats brain is quite small but accounts for about 0
9% of their body weight

. In fact, the cat's intricate brain cortex (which is responsible for processing the brain's information) contains about twice as much neurons as a dog. This is the area used to decode information, language, make logical decisions and solve complex problems.
In fact, cats' brains are more developed than dogs.
For some people, especially cat lovers, think cats are even smarter than dogs because they don't yearn for rewards when playing games or doing dog-like tricks. And whether cats are intelligent or not, they are not objects that humans can work with like dogs.
There has been a great deal of research on the intelligence of cats so far, in order to find ways to identify wise cats with the highest probability. A 2009 study looked at whether cats can quantify - in other words, counting objects
The results show that they do not count as well as other animals (such as dogs or monkeys)

. But another study showed that cats can obey commands when humans point their arms like dogs. Cats can also solve riddles, but if they can't, they will continue to persevere - while dogs will turn to their owners for help. However, in addition to proving that cats are quite indifferent to participating in studies, there have been no studies that show sufficient and detailed information about cats' intelligence.
Cats also know how to show closeness and affection to humans.
Marty Becker - who has been called a US veterinarian for nearly 20 years to contribute to ABC's morning veterinary program. He said that the ranking of cats' intelligence is based on the attention that cats show when interacting with humans and what they do. Cats that are considered smart are Siamese, Burmese and Bengal cats. These cats are distinct from other breeds which are lighter, more active and always "busier"

. They are also called Oriental cats (Oriental cats).
In short, is it easier to identify a cat than a normal dog? Here are some of the cat intelligence tests below.
Warning: Before performing some cat intelligence tests at home, keep in mind that cats may not be interested and refuse to participate in this. This is not a manifestation of intelligence or not, it is merely that cats do not like it.
How to identify smart cats extremely accurately
Social skills
Do your cats get along with the world around them? The dog is known to be an extremely sociable animal. They always interact with people. They will wait for you at the door, sitting next to you, longing for the affection you have for them. However, you should not confuse these actions of dogs with their intelligence

Dr. Jeff Werber - a famous Emmy-winning veterinarian and pet-career of famous Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears - thinks little cats More social than dogs but that doesn't mean cats are less intelligent than dogs.
How to identify smart cats through social skills: How does your cat interact with society? Does the cat come to you when your name is called? Does the cat greet you when you go home? Do cats know how to get cuddles from you?
See more:
Dictionary of cat language
Collect your own language to talk to cats
Being able to interact with the world around you is a way to tell if the cat is wise or not?
Survival skills
"It's important to depend on how you define intelligence," says Werber. If you're talking about survival skills, cats are the winners.
When you see a cat on the street, do you hesitate to think that you need to catch the cat and take it to a safe shelter for fear that the cat will be in danger? Sure is not. But many people say that if it's a dog then they will definitely find them a safe place to stay before the owner finds them.
If you take a cat and a dog out for them to be independent for ten days, the cat will probably return to a better condition when you.

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