How To Maintain A Smooth Coat And Healthy Skin For Dogs

Just like human skin and hair, dogs' fur and skin must be looked after and clean. Hair and skin care for dogs must incorporate external factors such as grooming, bathing, and internal factors such as choosing the right diet.
In fact, dogs may need adequate omega-3 fatty acids in their daily diets to maintain healthy skin. If you feed your dog with commercially available foods, the dog will not be getting enough fat, especially the fat in sardines and krill oil.
Diet to maintain healthy coat and healthy skin for dogs
Dogs lacking omega-3 fatty acids can suffer from conditions like dermatitis, dry skin and dull hair (not to mention chronic diseases such as heart and vision problems, cognitive disorders, and arthritis)

. If you make your own dog food, make sure your diet is full of nutrients, especially omega-3s. See also: 5 tips to help prevent arthritis in dogs
Omega-3-rich plants include hemp, chia seeds, and flax seeds. However, dogs lack the enzymes needed to convert omega-3s in plants into DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) so they cannot digest these foods

Fish is an extremely important product group to help keep dog hair shiny

Therefore, dogs need omega-3s from animal sources such as sardines, wild salmon or krill oil supplements. If your dog is still healthy, you can use the krill oil following these guidelines to maintain your dog's health:
250 milligrams (mg) per day for micro-dogs (0.5kg to 6.5 kg)
500 mg daily for small dogs (over 6.5kg to 13 kg)
1,000 mg daily for average dogs (over 13kg to 22 kg)
1,500 mg daily for large dogs (over 22kg to 36 kg)
2,000 mg per day for giant dogs (36kg or more)
If your dog has skin problems, such as flaking, micronutrient deficiencies and hypothyroidism, you should contact your doctor to improve these conditions. Some dog breeds need more zinc than others, like the northern breeds.
Some diets on the market use cheap zinc, so their quality is not good and nutritional deficiency
But home-made diets can also be deficient in zinc and iodine causing dog hair and skin problems

. Ask your veterinarian what nutrients your dog needs before you add any type of substance to your diet.
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How often to bathe the dog?
If your dog has skin problems, he needs to shower regularly to avoid infection. Only when dogs are dirty, smelly, irritated by sebum or itchy skin will bathe them.
Dogs with skin conditions need to shower several times a week to fight off the bacteria (do not give your dog antibiotics). However, use dog shampoos, not human shampoos, as their pH varies. See also: Dog deodorants are the most bought
Bathing regularly will help to clean the fur and remove weak hair in dogs.
In addition, use organic products that do not contain sulfates or strong detergents, but are herbal extracts and have a natural moisturizing function. Avoid cereal shampoos, including those made with oatmeal, as they can nourish yeast and bacteria on the skin or worsen allergies

Depending on your dog's needs, you can use homemade washing up water after bathing them. For example, you can disinfect your dog with a mixture of vinegar + water or rub cool herbal tea (like peppermint, chamomile or Tulsi) on the skin to help relieve itching.
Make sure the shampoo has been washed off because a small amount of it is enough to make the dog's skin condition worse. However, the water that is applied to the dog's skin after bathing does not need to be washed off.
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Use coconut oil to dog skin is antibacterial, soft and healthy
Coconut oil is suitable for varieties with little and short hair, helping the oil in direct contact with the dog's skin.
Coconut oil (rich in medium-healthy medium-chain triglycerides, MCT) is a great oil for dog health because the skin applied with coconut oil has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties. Adding coconut oil to a dog's diet can also improve flaking and reduce hair loss.
Therefore, coconut oil is a great product to improve skin such as allergies, eczema, dermatitis, yeast infection or hot spots

. The healthy fats in coconut oil also make the lipid barrier stronger to fight off germs.
Coconut oil also softens and brightens dog skin. After bathing your dog, apply moisturizing coconut oil to them, both on their armpits and on their nails. Allow the oil to soak into the skin for about 5 minutes, then gently bathe the dog to remove excess oil and avoid oily skin.
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How to groom dogs
Regular dog grooming helps to remove weak hair, creating a space for healthy, nourished fur.
If your dog is severely deposed, it is important to brush your dog daily, especially during the shedding season. You should.

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