How To Make Delicious Pate For Cats At Home

How to make pate for cats so delicious, suitable for cats like? Surely when you first adopted a cat, you always wanted to spend a lot of time looking after your cat. Pate brings a new and more exciting food experience to every cat's meal. So let open the secret book how to make a simple cat pate at home now come on!
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What is pate fresh for cats?
Fresh pate is an extremely simple dish, you can prepare at home and store for a long time. As a reminder of how to make a fresh pate, it is important to note that the raw material and primary processing must ensure freshness and safety for your cat

. The reason people often learn to make pate for cats is because the taste of home made is always better than canned. The meat proteins are crushed by a blender. Help our baby cats easy to eat and digest

With a dense texture, relatively thick, delicious taste, you can combine a variety, forming many different dishes for cats

. Like pate-blended rice, dried nuts mix with fresh pate to enhance the flavor of cat food. Using fresh pate will help limit the negative effects of some food additives. Bringing the best nutritional value from fresh, nutritious ingredients. And most of all, parents have the opportunity to show their skills in cooking, connecting emotionally with their babies through food.
Fresh pate is always a cat's favorite food.
How to choose the material?
As we all know, cats have ancestors as predators in nature. Therefore, protein makes up more than 80% of the cat's daily diet
Therefore, in making pate for cats, the most important ingredient is protein

. Protein can be chosen from common meat proteins such as pork, chicken, beef, duck or animal offal.
However, fish is also a healthy source of protein for cats and is extremely loved by the babies. In order to make pate achieve perfect quality, provide optimal nutrition for cats, you should choose to buy fresh ingredients, not rotting and ensure the least fat possible. You should choose materials with as little fat as possible, in order to limit excess fat that can cause weight gain, nutritional imbalance in cats.
Besides protein, to create a thick texture typical of fresh pate for cats, a few slices of bread and a little milk will be extremely effective. Help increase the flavor of the dish. To provide your cat with a nutritious diet. You should supplement the minerals vitamins from vegetables

. In order to balance the nutrition, ensure the comprehensive development for the baby.
To make a delicious and nutritious pate, you need to choose fresh ingredients and should buy them daily.
Processing of pate materials
To make a perfect cat pate as possible, the ingredients need to be carefully prepared. The common ingredients of vegetables, you can prepare as daily cooking. The key point in the preparation for making cat pate is meat protein. If you use protein from animal organs, especially the liver, you should be careful because this area is rich in nutrients but also contains toxins. Animal livers should be washed with salt to remove any blood stored in the liver. Then, soak in salt water or fresh milk for 10-15 minutes for toxins to be discharged from the liver

. Fresh milk also helps to increase the taste, fat for the liver, when eating without smell, it also stimulates the appetite for cats to eat more delicious.
Other meat should also be carefully washed with coarse salt, rubbing to remove any dirt on the meat. Cut back the fat on the meat so that the fat should be reduced as much as possible. Because if too much fat, it will not be good for the health, the baby's body.
In addition, if you are busy and do not have time, you can also replace fresh pate for cats with packaged pates. You will be assured of the quality because these pates are imported from Thailand, saying that the pet food industry is developed and safe. Packaged fresh pates also come in a variety of flavors and affordable prices that you can feed your cat every day.
How to make cat pate with 3 very delicious ingredients
How to cook pate for cats is not as difficult as you think

. On the contrary, it is extremely easy. As long as you prepare complete, preliminary preparation of clean materials. In just 5 minutes, the following pate recipes will help you complete a nutritious meal for your pet cat.
Fresh pate helps you replenish your cat with essential nutrients and minerals.
How to make liver pate for cats
500gr of pork liver / chicken liver.
500gr carrot / pumpkin.
Fresh milk without sugar 1 pack.
1 teaspoon salt

1 slice of sandwich
How to make a cat pate
Prepare animal liver thoroughly, soak in milk for 20 minutes to reduce toxins
Rinse again with water, boil thoroughly for 15-20 minutes
Chopped vegetables, soft-boiled.
For all.

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