How To Make Dog Collars Quickly And Quickly, Only Takes 10 Minutes

How to make dog collars is what many pet lovers do for their dogs to make them look adorable and having a "collared" necklace makes you really proud. So how quickly to make handmade collars for dogs? let's reveal it
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< How to make a simple dog toy You need to know the rabies handbook! How to take care of lazy dogs to eat at home Teach dogs to go to the toilet in WC with 5 easy steps How to make dog collars simple and fast - compact - fast Dog collars are an indispensable accessory for puppies today. Not only can dogs be more fashionable and stylish, necklaces can also print phone numbers to prevent your dog from getting lost. Dogs are also animals that often run and jump so you can make collars and leash to manage the dog when out or walking is easier. Collars for dogs are also considered a "jewelry" for your dog

. Moreover, the fact that you make your own "boss" a necklace is also the way you show your love for your uncle, making you and your dog more intimate than ever. And how to make dog collars is also one of the ways we save a lot of money to buy dog accessories. And soon we will reveal how to make a simple handmade dog collar at home How to make handmade collars for dogs To make a dog collar at home, we need to prepare the following: A soft cloth, we can take advantage of fabric from patterned shirts or old scarves
Do not choose the fabric of jeans because they are quite rough and hard, when sewing will be difficult and will cause discomfort for dogs to wear

A set of needles of the same color as the fabric.
A beautiful and durable umbrella strap. You can choose to buy it from pet accessories stores.
A leash so you can wear your hand-held leash when walking your dog.
Locking set to fix the two wires together
The most important part of the dog's collar is the hook that connects the loop to the lead.
After preparing the necessary materials as above, we perform the following ways to make a dog collars:
Step 1: Take a tape measure and measure your dog's neck size
Step 2: cut the rope nonetheless so that the length is 5cm more than the baby's neck size.
Step 3: Cut the prepared cloth so that the length is equal to the length of the parachute cord and twice the width of the parachute cord

Step 4: Put the parachute cord in to hold the cloth, folding the cloth in half so that the cloth covers the parachute cord

Step 5: sew the edges of the fabric just folded. Pay attention to the seam carefully and make sure not to reveal the rope. You can sew a turn and a turn to make sure the cord does not break.
Step 6: Insert the keychain into the middle of the necklace
Step 7: Sew the fastener set to the ends of the string with strong and careful seams.
So how to make dog collars simply with 7 steps above. Just a little dexterity and meticulous, we believe that you can complete a necklace very easily.
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How to make a dog leash
If we already have a nice collar, then you can also make a simple dog leash so that we have a set of necessary accessories when walking the dog without worrying about the goods.
If you don't like the fabric or feel uncertain, use a leash instead

First, prepare the following equipment:
A parachute cord of any length, 1 keychain, 2 sets of cord clamps and 2 small leather cloths. Proceed as follows:
Step 1: Insert the keychain into one end of the wire and then fold it. Fix it with wire clamps.
Step 2: take 2 pieces of leather cloth wrapped with string to create aesthetics. Then use a needle to stitch the leather cloth with strong stitches.
Step 3: Fold the other end so that we can fit on our wrists. Fix the string with the strange clamp. Finally, take the stitched leather cloth at the clamping position to complete

So we just made a simple dog leash with easy-to-find ingredients, right.
Things to keep in mind when wearing a dog collar
Although it is a necessary accessory and how to make a dog collars is quite simple, but not so that we abuse the necklace. Making a nice necklace is great but how to wear it to make your dog comfortable is equally important.
You should pay attention to the size of the dog to make the appropriate necklace, to help your baby feel comfortable to wear.
So we need to note the following:
Do not scold or punish a dog for refusing to wear a collar or leash. Because puppies also have their own feelings and thoughts. If your baby is really uncomfortable with the necklace you spend "youth" to sew, you should also have fun and remove it to make your baby comfortable.
Do not wear a tight neckband as this will cause pain and discomfort

. Besides.

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