How To Make Dog Food Quickly And Quickly At Home

How to make dog food at home is a question many owners are interested in. How you give your dog a lot of influence on the development of the dog. So how to make dog food at home like? The following article will provide you with all the knowledge to make your pet a nutritious, hygienic, and fast meal.
How to make dog food ensure adequate nutrition
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To have a way to make pet dog food nutritious, owners need to use a variety of different materials. However, if you want to make sure your dog gets all the necessary nutrients through homemade food, the dog's owner will need to rely on the dog's characteristics such as gender, dog breed or dog breed

. Development stage of the dog. As follows:
Dogs during pregnancy and lactation need more nutrition because they need more calories to meet the needs of pregnancy and lactation of the body.
Puppy dogs that are pregnant will need more nutrition than usual

Small breed dogs have a higher metabolism than large dogs

. Therefore, compared to the large breed dogs, the small breed dogs such as Chihuahua, Poodle ... need a higher calorie diet.
Another problem with the differences in diets for small and large breeds, which the owner should be aware of, is that large puppies often have skeletal problems so their diets Attention must be paid to the balance of nutrients including protein, calcium and phosphorus.
Puppies need a diet with more calories and more nutrition than adult dogs. The reason is that their bodies are in the fast-growing phase and need energy and nutrients suitable for the formation of skeletal and muscular systems

Your dog's food needs to ensure a balanced nutrition

For older dogs, the amount of calories needed for the body is less than that of puppies and adult dogs because at this stage the dog's metabolism is slower and they do not need energy or nutrition to form. basic structure of the body as well. Now, what older dogs need is to add more fiber to their diet to help the digestive system work more easily.
Note on making dog food
Before you start researching how to make dog food and make the recipe, the owner needs to learn and understand what foods should or should not be included in the dog's diet. The reason is that the wrong foods can cause your dog to grow slowly, tired body or even cause unfortunate deaths. Some foods that should not be fed to dogs include:
Alcoholic beverages: Similar to the harmful effects in humans, alcoholic beverages can affect the brain and liver of dogs. Very small amounts of alcoholic beverages can also lead to serious consequences such as respiratory failure, coma or death in dogs.
Sweets: In many sweet confectionery products, sugar is very harmful to dogs

. The sweetened Xylitol found in many confectioners can lead to liver failure in dogs.
Sweets are one of the causes affecting the health of pets.
Garlic, onions and chives: Foods with onions, chives or garlic have been reported to cause hematuria and gastritis in dogs. In particular, dog breeds originating from Japan are more sensitive to these foods than other dog breeds.
Chocolate: Theobromine content in chocolate is known to be a very harmful ingredient for dogs and can be fatal if ingested.
Grapes: Although the cause of this problem has not been determined, many owners have reported that their dogs have experienced horrific symptoms after grape consumption such as vomiting, diarrhea and even kidney failure.
Salt and sugar: Although an indispensable spice in dishes, if you let your dog eat too much salt, it will cause a lot of influence on their excretory system because eating too salty will have to drink a lot of water to increase the burden. Severe to the kidneys

. As for sugar, the effects are obvious because it causes obesity or dental problems in dogs.
Salt and sugar, if not carefully measured, can easily affect the liver and kidney function of the dog.
Smoked meats: Many owners believe that if you eat a lot of meat your dog will be healthy and grow fast. However, not all meats, especially processed meats like bacon do not bring many benefits for dogs. Instead, bacon makes your dog more likely to suffer from pancreatitis - a life-threatening disease of the dog due to the sodium and salt content of this meat.
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Some ways to make dog food at home
Through the above information, the owner must e.

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