How To Make Fishing Rods For Cats Simple “in 1 Note”

How to make fishing rods for cats simple, fast, the owner already know? This is one of the most popular cat toys for the "kings". Thanks to the fishing rod, cats can play all day and still not get bored and tired. Discover how to make fun fishing rods for cats right away.
How to make a cat fishing rod: The benefits of this toy
The cat itself is very fond of catching moving objects. With fishing rods, cats will be free to play, allowing them to fully train and develop their hunting instincts

Hunting skills include the ability to observe the movement of prey - helping their eyes to function flexibly, stalking prey - to increase their ability to concentrate, pounce, and catch prey - to increase their ability control of prey, and these will be done by them more and more mature, increasing the survival of your cat.
Fishing rods are considered a favorite toy of many cats.
Not only that, fishing rods will help your cat release stress, reduce stress and fatigue bring positive spirits
Stimulating the brain for his owner too, the cat will become healthier, more flexible and hyperactive

For the lazy cat sedentary movement, lying in one place, looking dull, the contact with this device is extremely necessary. Fishing rods will stimulate cats, gradually awakening their inherent hunting instincts. From a few weeks to a few short months, your cat will definitely transform dramatically!
Playing with a fishing rod helps the cat to be more active, avoiding muscle and joint diseases.
With just a simple toy, it will certainly help your affection and your cat will become more and more connected, the coldness between the "king" and "lotus" will disappear from there, as well. opportunity for you to better understand your cat's personality to have more appropriate behaviors.
Another extremely useful thing is that when cats play fishing rods, the amount of food in the body will be better digested, and the energy source of obesity in cats will also be burned, helping your cat. have physique "mi nhon" than ever

In addition, the bones and joints are also flexibly mobilized, helping your cat develop the most comprehensive body

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Show you how to make a simple fishing rod for cats
To make a cat fishing rod, you need to prepare the following necessary items:
A paper cutting knife
An alkaline tree
A flexible steel coil
A piece of plastic pipe or a dry section of 0.5m long
A roll of duct tape
A bell
A fake fish
A set of colored paper
The objects attached to the fishing rods should be compact so that when they are carried, they will move faster, making the cats curious.
Steps to follow:
Using a tape to attach a piece of flexible steel wire about 90cm long to the fishing rod body made from a plastic pipe or a wooden piece above, attach a fake fish to the end of the other piece of steel rope, tie the bell in place. fish, which will help stimulate hearing and increase attention for cats.
You can add color to the fishing rod by pasting colored paper to decorate, making it more beautiful and eye-catching, easy to attract attention to your pet cat.
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How to use fishing rods to play with cats
After you've made a nice fishing rod, all you need to do right now is play with your cat. However, there are a few points to keep in mind before you play with cats:
When starting to play, the cat should be in direct contact with the fishing rod, when the baby has put the attention of the fishing rod, then start raising, to "fish" at a moderate height, certainly baby is still within reach of cats. Start shaking and moving fishing rods, let cats play with "fish" but do not allow them to catch "fish"

Gently rock the fishing rod to make babies curious, then slowly move the fishing rod to let them chase.
It is good to keep "fish" out of reach, to encourage cats to jump, but if so many times, they will feel frustrated because they do not catch prey and will feel bored and will not play anymore.
There are also many cases where a pet cat will attack you directly because they think you have tried to steal their toys, so be careful about this.
In many cases, if the cat is bored and not interested in this "fish" then you can flexibly change another "fish" or you can put more obstacles in front of it on the fish. the way towards the target, for example, to refresh and re-stimulate their hunting instincts.
You can flexibly change prey on a fishing rod to make the cat more attractive.
After the cat is finished playing, take care to clean, put the fishing rod in another place, avoid leaving the toy in the space in front of the cat to prevent it from ripping off the toy.
How to make fishing rods for cats is quite simple, right owner

. This is a pretty useful way to help your cat play happily, removing stress.

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