How To Make Puppies Do Not Bark At Night

How to make puppies do not bark at night like? Are you a puppy lover and a patient person? Are you a person who is calm at work and life? But even so, you can't be happy when you're sleep deprived by the dog barking every night caused by your pet, right? Even worse, the barking of a dog can affect the neighbors, causing you a daily headache of thinking of a solution! In this article, will share with you how to make puppies do not bark at night, and give measures to make puppies obediently listen to you. However, you should remember that this method will not be effective within 1-2 days, you must apply the method for several consecutive days so that your puppy can put their trust. , feel safer and more comfortable around you.
Causes and ways of making puppies do not bark at night
The fact is, your puppies won't bark all night long

. They also don't bark at night just because you give them food they don't like. Puppies bark at night because they are feeling bored or extremely stressed out. You absolutely cannot solve the problem of puppies calling at night without understanding the cause
In addition, the measures do not necessarily apply to all puppies, maybe this will work for one puppy but it is useless for another puppy

. Therefore, you need to pay close attention before you start applying any method for pets.
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How to teach dogs not to bark
First, you need to identify why puppies bark at night:
Puppies just got home
The new home always makes the dog frightened and unfamiliar. This is also the reason why puppies cry and bark at night. When night falls, in a strange cage, they will feel scared, feel everything around them will put them in danger. To overcome this situation, you need to learn how to help puppies get used to the new environment, to help them believe that they are living in a safe area. See also: 7 tips to help new dogs get home adapted
Signs: Your puppy will be depressed and stay in the stable for the whole day, then when night falls, they will bark barking to show anxiety and fear. However, when they are not in the barn, their barking will be much better, showing a good mood

Strategy: Think carefully of putting your puppy outside to sleep, away from the cage, will solve this problem

. If you want your puppy to sleep well in a cage, you need to reconsider how to make another suitable cage for them.
New homes are often the cause of puppies barking.
Puppies are sensitive to noise
Puppies at night may be due to hypersensitivity to loud noises such as street traffic or the whispering of leaves. In such situations, they will often show high alert leading to stress. You must never yell at your puppies when they are frightened by the noise. Dog behavior consultant, Will, a student of Dr. Patricia McConnell has shown that dogs are just like humans, they also struggle to experience loneliness and fear with noise.
Signs: Most when puppies are frightened by noise, they tend to startled at night

. Dogs' hearing is very sensitive, so they can hear sounds at a distance that even you can't hear.
Strategy: The underlying problem is that the puppy's nerves are not stable. You will have to devise a specific plan to help your puppy settle down. The best way you can do is to rearrange the dog's sleeping area in a low-noise area or you can use a thick cloth to cover the cage to limit the annoying noise of the dog.
If you can identify where the source of the sound comes from that scare your puppy, you can solve the problem in a way that trains them not to be afraid of the noise anymore. In addition, some dogs are so sensitive to noise that they must be used for medication to stabilize. A behavioral counselor has advised that you should combine medication and training so that puppies can quickly get used to the noise more easily.
With a pair of hearing ears, puppies will often panic because of the loud sounds around them

Puppies feel uncomfortable
Usually when the weather is cold, puppies will have signs of discomfort, uncomfortable. This is also one of the issues that makes you think about whether to let your puppy sleep in a cage or outdoors. How to make puppies do not bark at night in this case? See also: How does weather change affect dogs?
The most obvious problem is that puppies will whimper all night or be reluctant to go to their sleeping places. What's more, the cold weather leads to colds and joint pains.
Measure: Do not hesitate.

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