How To Make Toys For Cats Helps Improve Pet Health

Is making a toy for a cat simple or not? Toys are not only an item for them to play and entertain every day, but it also helps cats train themselves and reduce stress. With this article, will suggest smart toys to help cats relax when owners do not have much time for them.
Looking for answers why need to make toys for cats?
Most people think cats are independent, rarely close to humans. Let them have a private space because they do not need to interact with the environment

Playing with cats is a way to increase interaction, help cats and owners closer.
This thought is completely wrong. "Pets also need work to do," said Kirsten Collins, a trainer with ASPCA (the UK Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Keeping your pet active will have many positive effects, helping them to be more sociable, avoid cat stress and can lead to depression in cats

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The most suitable cat toys
How to encourage your cat to exercise and play
Play with good cat physiologically
Unlike dogs, cats are classified as predators, they always need to be exercised. Since ancient times, cats belong to the group of wild animals, but have been domesticated and nurtured to this day.
However, despite the centuries, cats have always kept in themselves the instinct of a predator, or hide.
Today, cats are often raised in apartment buildings, the space is quite narrow, giving them no opportunity to exercise.
This will eventually lead to the cat losing its inherent instincts, becoming timid and sometimes even fearing rats. Therefore, making toys will help them train their inherent abilities, enhance reflexes.
Kittens love to play because their instincts are curious

Making toys for cats also helps them to be active, more active in daily activities

. Cats are quite agile and active animals, so just a toy can make the boss "busy" all day long.
In addition, giving your cat toys to help them exercise, avoiding cat obesity, causing dangerous illnesses such as reduced cat life or cardiovascular disease.
A fairly common image today is cats who eat a lot but are sedentary, making their bodies sluggish and difficult to move.
Play with cats well psychologically
Cats are very sensitive animals, their personality and behavior are often influenced by the owner very much.
According to studies from Lincoln University and Nottingham Trent University, 30-60% of cat's personality is inherited, the rest is influenced by the surrounding environment, especially the owner.
This study also said that if cats live with their owners often stress, fatigue and stress, the cats will also risk falling into the same situation.
Toys also help cats not stressed.
Agree that cats are independent animals

. However, neglect and neglect of the owner may cause them to become stressed and easily lead to depression.
"Even worse, long-term stress can lead to chronic stress, prevent immune responses, cause a host of ailments." according to Patricia B. McConnell - PhD, animal behavioral researcher said.
Besides, playing with cats will help them wrap their owners, affection for the owner also more, limit the case of cats leaving the house deserted, difficult to teach.
If you do not have too much time, at least every day the cat team should spend about 30 minutes to play with cats to help them always feel happy and cared for.
Show you how to make toys for cats to help improve the health of the baby
Scratching piles to relieve stress for cats
Cats are animals with very sharp claws, so the act of clawing is ingrained into the subconscious. In particular, for young cats, scratching the nail is more frequent

. If you do not have time to make nail rakes, you can buy products that are available on the market.
Benefits of cat scratching posts:
Territory marking: Cats often have a habit of scratching their nails at places they visit often. The purpose of this action is to mark the territory, alerting "uninvited guests".
Help your cat exercise: Scratching the cat's muscles relaxes, and helps them exercise and train muscles.
Relieve stress
Teach your cat to scratch the nail in the right place: Scratching the cat is a very normal cat instinct. Establishing cat posts, combining proper training will create a habit of scratching cats in cats, avoiding scratching other household items.
The scratching foundation also helps prevent the cat from scratching the household objects.
Materials to make cat scratch piles
The rope is as big as the little finger, from 1 to 2 meters depending on the size of the rake
A long wooden stick, size about 60 x 25 cm (size depends on the available wood)
A small wooden stick of 25 x 15 cm (the length of the stick is nearly equal to the width of the large bar)
Glue Guns
Wood stapler
Foundation rakes are often wrapped with ropes to ensure high strength

How to erect cat paws

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