How To Measure Dog Temperature Properly?

"How to measure temperature for dogs right?" is a question many dog owners are interested in. In the process of rearing, dogs are not always healthy. Of the symptoms, fever is the most common symptom.
Therefore, the owner needs to equip himself with a way to check the temperature of the dog in case of need. Typically, measuring the dog's temperature at times of changing weather or changing seasons to understand the health status of pets

. Read the article below to learn how to check dog health through temperature measurement!
Why measure the temperature for dogs?
Just like humans, cats and dogs can get sick at any time. However, they cannot speak. We can only detect when the pet has external manifestations such as vomiting, cough, tired body, weakness
At that time, the symptoms have moved to a new stage that can be dangerous for the pet, the treatment is also more complicated

Puppies, like us, when sick, are prone to fever.
Moreover, measuring the temperature will help the owner know the dog's body better and thus can easily control the dog's psyche or adjust the way of raising, nutritional needs to fit the health condition. dog's.
So to take good care of your dog, you should be concerned when the seasons change or the weather changes. Checking the dog's temperature is also something that owners should know to notice changes in the pet's body.
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How to measure dog temperature properly?
Measuring a person's body temperature is the same as with a human body. That is, using a thermometer to introduce certain parts to read the exact value
Dog body temperature can be measured using a mercury thermometer, electronic thermometer or ear thermometer

1. How to measure a dog's rectal temperature (anus)
Preparation: Mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer. With a mercury thermometer, scale the temperature indicator below 35 degrees. You should use vaseline or lubricant to lubricate the thermometer. As a result, making dog temperature measurement simpler, as well as helping dogs feel comfortable, stress-free.
When measuring your dog's temperature in any way, you also need to use a thermometer.
How to: Cats and dogs will not cooperate when you put the instrument in their sensitive part. It is best to take this test with two people for the process to go smoothly and help you know the exact temperature of the dog

The owner of a dog or someone close to the dog should keep them. The other one performs a temperature measurement. First, strip the dog's tail out, using a gentle temperature, put it into the rectum about 2-3cm. Stay in the range for 3 minutes with the mercury thermometer until the mercury level is stable, then draw to check the dog's temperature.
In case you use an electronic thermometer, just wait until you hear the beep, draw it to check your baby's body temperature.
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How to measure dog temperature in the ears
The ears are also an ideal area to accurately reflect dog body temperature. Currently, specialized thermometers allow deep exploration in the ear canal without too much manipulation, so it is very easy to do. It is important that you put the temperature deep in your ear for accurate results

Measuring a dog's ear temperature is a simple and fairly safe way.
Read the temperature
There are 3 different temperatures, correlated with 3 different body conditions of a dog.
In the normal state, the dog's body temperature ranges from: 37.5 - 39.0 degrees Celsius.
If your pet has a temperature of more than 39 degrees Celsius, the dog has a fever. Manifestations of a pet's fever include a number of symptoms: a hot, sluggish puppy's body, lying in one place.
A temperature lower than 37 degrees is called hypothermia accompanied by symptoms: tremor, staggering, shortness of breath

A good advice is that the rectal temperature will best reflect the dog's body temperature. So although it's a bit difficult, try to apply it to know the status of your pet.
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Instructions for measuring the temperature of the dog in the absence of a thermometer
Look out for signs of a fever
If your dog is living a normal life and has behaviors such as refusing to eat, being tired, sleeping a lot, or not liking playing, he may be sick.
In addition, when observing, you will see the dog's ears drooping, not having the flexible movements as when well. Ruffled fur, eyes lethargic, panting, difficulty walking.
In this case, you can take your baby to the veterinary center for health checkups and timely support.
If your dog has a high fever or is tired, you should bring your baby to a veterinary center for timely treatment.
Measure dog body temperature without thermometer
When you see your dog behaving differently like the above, you can go up and check the temperature to make sure he is sick

. Usually, the sensitive parts of a pet will reveal their body temperature. These are the armpits, groin area, beneath the dog foot or gum cushion,.

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