How To Prevent Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cats are adorable animals but their teeth and claws have moderate damage. When cats are adopted as pets, they do not have to hunt anymore. But because the predator instinct is still there, cats still perform their typical behaviors such as scratching. Cat owners have been complaining many times about their home furnishings being scratched by cats.
However, scratching is a very normal behavior for cats, just like dogs bark

. Cats scratch the nails to remove old nails, to satisfy their instincts and even to mark territory. The traces left by cats scratched, the scent from their paws as well as the left claw shells are a sign that cats are showing dominance and marking their territory. However, if the cat scratches too much or is scratched in the wrong place, the owner may be uncomfortable
But don't worry, there are a number of things you can do to minimize this bad cat behavior

. So, do not ignore the helpful tips below!
How to prevent cats from scratching furniture
The first and most important thing is that you need to buy a lot of scratching posts and scratching tables so that your cat has a place to deal with their instincts. You can buy scratching poles or make cat scratch poles by yourself with simple easy-to-find materials such as cardboard, ropes, cloth, etc. When cats no longer scratch around, reward them because it is a method. positive consolidation measures. (Positive reinforcement is giving a positive response when an individual conducts necessary and positive behaviors.)
Trimming your cat's claws after 4-6 weeks (depending on which cat you are keeping) can reduce the frequency of cats scratching their belongings. It's even a great way to boost your cat's health because if your cat has short toenails, they'll avoid nail problems such as ingrown claws

If your cat scratches on certain things, make them look less attractive to cats

. Put double-sided tape on corners of tables and benches because the sticky tape will make your cat uncomfortable and therefore will not want to scratch the furniture. You can also use sandpaper or place a nearby scratch board to divert your cat's target. See also: Which cat claw should be bought?
The easiest way is to equip the cat with a cat claw so that the cat has a "clearance" place
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Nail and cat care for cats
You can buy cat claws at local pet stores. These covers are easy to attach to the cat's paws and are sized specifically for each cat. Nail wrap can be used for 4-6 weeks based on product quality and tolerance of cats. If you have trouble using the nail wraps, check out the YouTube tutorial videos for how to use them.
These covers will hide the sharp parts of the claws, preventing furniture from being scratched or damaged. If you are covering your cat's paws, check your cat's bed first for any irritation, redness or swelling

. If your cat's cat bed shows these conditions, you should not cover the cat with your cat's paws, but take him to the vet. Cat's paws can become infected, grow up or grow in an inappropriate place. When your nails grow backwards, cats will be extremely painful and their paws can even become infected if they wrap their nails in.
If your nails aren't covered, wrap your tables and chairs with thin mica to prevent cats from scratching.
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Treatments for ingrown nails on cats
Cut nails neatly and cleanly for cats
Control your cat's claws
Local treatment by cleaning the cat's paws
Treat the whole body according to the level of infection (antibiotics may be given to cats)
Use aerosol or compressed air to prevent cats from scratching things indiscriminately. However, this method is only effective for a short time. Therefore, if you want the cat to permanently not scratch the furniture around, the owner needs enough perseverance and patience.
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The limitations of cat claw removal
Trimming nails is more than just trimming cat's claws

. This is what humans do to remove a cat's claws and remove joints so their nails won't grow back. But this is an extremely dangerous method. Before proceeding with the procedure to remove the cat's claws, cats need to be sedated. However, pulling out cat's claws can cause many dangerous complications as follows:
Chronic pain
Claws grow back
In 2019, New York was the first state in the United States to ban the withdrawal of cat claws - following the ban in Britain and some provinces in Canada. Cat claw removal is also prohibited in cities such as Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles of the United States. Removing a cat's nail is not a viable solution to prevent scratching. So, if you don't want your cat scratching his stuff around, you should practice, correct his behavior and reinforce it.
Cat scratching furniture is something none of us would wish for

. However, that is just their natural instinct. If you love cats, don't freak out.

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