How To Properly Clean Cat Litter Box?

Cleaning the litter box is easy for cats to show, but to get it right, the farmer needs to know a few things. Typically, the way you choose the type of tray, the placement of the tray and the care of the tray are extremely important factors to help keep the litter box clean. This is one of the ways to improve the healthy and happy life of cats.
However, there are some annoying cases such as cats do not pee on the tray but go indiscriminately in the house to annoy the owner but also not good for the pet itself. For that reason, in this article we will discuss how to properly care and clean your cat litter box

What type of litter tray for cats is best?
What to feed the cat to fluffy? Do cats have periods?
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There are 2 common types of cat litter trays. One is a litter-free tray and the other is a cat litter box with a lid on top. These two cat litter box designs are for two different farming methods
If you have a space or keep a cat in a stocking environment, choose a capless one, as this type usually comes in a variety of sizes and makes it easier to release the smell of waste

Toilet lid without lid is suitable for oversized cats.
In the event that you keep your cat in a tight room or small space, use a litter box for cats with lids to help maintain a general hygiene for both owners and pets. This type of toilet box helps to keep the odor from escaping, and helps to keep cat litter out of our sight.
How many toilet trays should be used for cats?
As a general rule, you should always have more trays than the cats you own. So if you have one, you need two trays. If raising two children, three. Your house has two floors, each floor has one
Some experts recommend that "the number of trays is equal to the number of cats plus one, the same as the number of floors

. So if your home is three stories and has one cat, you should have three.
How to choose the size of cat litter tray?
The litter box should be big enough for the cat to rotate around. Do not get too small a cat litter box to save room. You have to keep the tray attractive enough for your cat.
You should choose the type of toilet tray appropriate to the size and stage of the baby's development.
Your cat may not want to use a tray and you will have a big problem. Don't buy a tray that is too big and don't expect the kitten to climb every time it needs to solve it.
The secret to raising your science is to buy a small litter box when your cat is young, and replace the litter box for cats with a larger size when the baby has grown up

>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< Good tips to take care of old cats What milk kitten to give good resistance? How to treat cats with poop effectively Should cats be clipped? Should the toilet tray have a lid or not? As I mentioned above, there are cat litter pots with covers but not. The lidded ones look much better and they also help prevent odors better. However, what the cat wants is important. There are those that use a lidded tray but others don't like it. In general, cats are very vulnerable when they go to the toilet. They want to feel safe. Trays with lids cover everything around them and may scare your cat. Even if we know it's harmless, their instincts still exist

. Cats want to know who comes and who goes in case they want to hide.
You should clean the toilet tray 1 to 2 times a week.
What is the best sanitary cat for cats?
By nature, cats often dig and rake dirt or sand as they go home, then cover it. Sand and toilet trays are a substitute for that behavior.
On the market today there are many brands and types of sand. Available in powders, pellets, clay, biodegradable materials, and even made from wheat, wood or corn flour. There are types of odor and odorless. There are some types of easy to clump so it is easier to scoop

. There are types that can be flushed in the toilet and others not.
In Vietnam, there are two types of sanitary sand. One is made of clay. This type of sand is common with the main component in sand being clay. Clay sand has the advantage of being cheap, but it has poor water absorption and the ability to clump and deodorize is also not high. The second type is glass sand. Glass sand is sand made from desiccant particles you often see in desiccant packages. The advantage of glass sand is that it pours the waste very quickly and does not retain odors; however, this sand is more expensive than regular sand

For hygienic sand, choose a sand that has good lumps and deodorizing properties.
In short, the best hygienic cat for cats should be odorless and easy to scoop and waste. The sandy odor helps us to deodorize but is not good for cats. There are several types of cats that are specifically for cats with problems with litter boxes that will help attract them to the litter box rather than outside.
Where to the most appropriate toilet tray?
Cats express themselves very clearly. By studying why cats don't use litter boxes can tell us what they want.
Here are some guidelines for tray placement v.

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