How To Protect Dogs In The Hot Summer

The weather has become hotter in the summer, so dog owners need to prepare measures to protect the health of pets in extreme weather. For pets and you to have a happy summer healthy, has compiled a list of things to note in the summer.
Note when traveling by car
If you plan to go out anywhere in the summer and take your pet with you in the family car, you need to pay attention to the air in the car is cool and not too hot. Please note that every year a lot of dogs die extremely pitifully left alone in a car in the hot weather

. Sally Morgan - a comprehensive physical therapist for pets and humans - said that the temperature rises very quickly and can be dangerous to the life of the organism. So, never leave your dog alone in a car - especially in hot weather.
Heat shock dog
Any dog can get heat stroke
AKC's veterinary director, Dr

. Jerry Klein, has warned that short-headed dogs like Pug and Bull are at high risk of heat stroke. The reason is that their skull structure limits their airway, so it will not last long in hot weather. Dogs that have experienced heat stroke before, obese dogs and dogs with dark fur are also at a higher risk of heat stroke.
In some areas, summers have high humidity and temperatures - humidity can increase the risk of heat stroke. When the weather outside is humid, the dog's body temperature also rises. Dr. Ann Hohenhaus - a doctor at the New York City Animal Health Center said: "Dogs will cool their body by panting
However, if the air in the environment has a lot of water vapor , saliva cannot evaporate and cool the dog when they gasp

. "
Above are some signs of heat shock of dogs. If you notice any signs of any signs in your dog, call your veterinarian immediately.
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How to measure dog temperature properly?
Heat shock is a common condition in dogs during the hot season.
For sunburn
Dogs can also get sunburn without realizing it. Hairless, white or light-colored dogs are more sensitive to the sun and are at risk of sunburn or sun-induced tumors. Talk to your veterinarian to find effective ways to protect your dog.
Avoid heat absorbing surfaces
If you feel like the concrete pavement is spreading heat into the air, imagine feeling barefoot up there. You should not walk your dog barefoot on surfaces that absorb a lot of heat

. The puzzle surfaces are sidewalks, asphalt roads and sandy beaches. Your dog will have cold sores or even burns if the owner doesn't pay attention.
Surfaces with high heat will cause the dog's feet to suffer.
The parasite attacks
The parasite is one of the most common causes of dog discomfort in the summer. Your dog needs flea prevention to reduce the risk of infections like Lyme disease. You can protect your dog by using oral, topical, flea collars and pet-friendly sprays. Discuss with your veterinarian to find the most effective method that best suits your pet.
Hot spots on the body
Hot and humid weather and allergies to fleas or other insects can cause a dog's skin to appear some hot spots (dermatitis)

. A hot spot is an area that is very inflamed, making it painful and difficult to handle. The best way to prevent hot spots from appearing is to identify and address the cause of the itch. You need to prevent parasites, treat skin infections and dog allergies to prevent hot spots in the first place. If the dog has a hot spot, take the dog to a vet.
Hot spots are areas of dermatitis caused by a dog bitten by a parasite.
Always open windows
The weather is so hot that people often open windows to make the house clear. Pets like cats and dogs are susceptible to high-rise syndrome. It is a syndrome in which pets are easily dropped from places of high position

. As a result, dogs may fall, slip, or jump from windows. So don't let the dogs come near the window without supervision.
Prevent heartworms
Heartworms are transmitted from dog to dog by mosquitoes, so hot and humid weather is a good condition for mosquitoes to grow. Heartworm can cause heart inflammation, damage to the heart, arteries and lungs - even death if left untreated. It is best to talk with your veterinarian about the prevention of dog earthworms. All dogs should be screened for heartworms every year, even those taking heartworm medication.
Heartworm is a common parasite in dogs caused by mosquitoes.
Be careful of human food
Dogs can smell food intriguing with their keen sense of smell

. But don't give your dog a piece of cooked bone, as the bones may crack when the dog chews, choking the dog, and causing gastrointestinal damage.
Denise Fleck - an author and c.

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