How To Raise A Healthy Indoor Cat With 7 Heart Tips

How to keep cats indoors so healthy and long-lived is the desire of many owners. Cats, especially sedentary cats, need stimulation and creativity to maintain the ideal spiritual life. Meaning rich environment around them.
So what exactly is this? In other words, to minimize unwanted behaviors of sedentary cats and to make them happy, it's important that you provide your cat with toys, shelter, sleep, activities and things to " rake, "to" watch "and to" play ". Cats also need to be fed, safe and adequate

This can be done by filling living spaces with rich interiors such as cat scratch rafts, hanging hammocks, bags, beds, toys and safe places to sleep, eat and clean.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What to feed the cat to fluffy? The secret to successful cat breeding for newbies How to take care of long-haired British cats How to fatten lazy cats How to raise cats in the house # 1: Where to hide Sheltering places that make your cat safe include paper bags or cardboard boxes, boxes under the bed, a transport bag behind a chair, or a towel on the top of a drawer. Cats tend to prefer tall places because they want to see their surroundings
They like to sleep and rest in safe and comfortable places

Cats often find hidden places to hide because they think it is safe.
In families with a lot of cats or dogs, it is important that cats stay away from dogs if they want to. This is especially true for places where sanitary trays and food are placed. They should be fed and cleaned without being disturbed by other dogs or cats.
How to raise cats in the house # 2: Furniture furniture
Some experts estimate that cats need about 45 square meters to minimize behavioral problems. One way to make their habitat better, more complete and safer is to give the cat more vertical space. Keep your cat in a high place with a wide view

Cats like to climb and high places to make them feel secure

. From that high point, the cat can look around and spot prey and foe. Although your cat is only indoors and has no chance of interacting with prey or predators, this instinct is not lost. Cats are most sensitive when they are sleeping and often prefer to sleep in high-altitude places such as cat litter or overhead wall beds. These are ideal places for cats to cover their living space from different observable spots. This is especially important in families that have a lot of cats because at the same time there may be many cats observing their whereabouts.
If you have a lot of tall objects, this is the place cats are most likely to enjoy because they can be easily observed around.
Furniture for cats is extremely diverse in size, type and color. Cat litter is usually made of carpet fabric, which can be as tall as 3-3

.5m with branches and places to sleep, play or rest. Can be combined with beds, dangling toys and scratching poles. Hanging beds can be placed in or on a cat tree, on household objects like a closet or a bed, or on a table.
How to raise cats in the house # 3: Scratching problems
Having cat scratching supplies is important, especially for clawed cats. However, cats without paws do not mean they do not "scratch". Scratch is the instinct to make sharp claws, stretching, filing old nails and saving the scent.
Consider places or places your cat likes to scratch. Do they stretch when they scratch their nails? Do they scratch the furniture legs, the back of chairs or… the floor mats

. This information can help you identify scratching cat material such as cardboard, fabric, carpet or wood and flat or vertical surfaces. If your cat relaxes when scratching her claws, make sure the area is long enough for her.
Depending on the space of your home, you can choose to buy different types of cat scratches for cats.
Scratch posts are usually made of a good material such as bark, trunk, cardboard, rope or fabric. If you don't know what your cat likes, you'll have to try several before you find one he likes. The perfect combination includes both vertical rakes and horizontal rakes. Families with lots of cats should have a few scratch poles. Make sure the pole is safe and does not move or fall to prevent damage or fear of the cat

. Because scenting is part of scratching, cats often scratch at familiar parts of the house - where you or other cats are. Such areas include doorways, bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms and their favorite places (near sleeping or dining places).
How to raise cats in the house # 4: Keep an eye on your eyes
Cats often experience visual irritation. They like toys that wobble and move. The window-hung bed is a favorite place for cats to sleep and see the outside world. This is especially good if the outer space is full of trees or natural elements, even birds. There are many types of hanging beds on the market or you can make your own by moving a chair, a table big enough h.

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