How To Raise A Kitten: A Handbook And Sharing From A Long-time Breeder

How to adopt kittens so that they can develop in the most perfect and comprehensive way? In the world today, cats are a common pet, adorable, adaptable and also very easy to care for. Although easy to raise, but before adopting a cat, you also equip yourself with the experience of raising cats from long-term breeders to prepare them well before picking them up.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What to feed the cat to fluffy? What milk do kittens have to resist? How often to bathe a cat? Do cats have periods? How to adopt a kitten under 3 weeks old According to the experience of raising cats of long-term owners, this is the most difficult period to care for kittens. Because inadequate care as well as nutrition for your baby during this period of time is not suitable will easily cause most kittens to die prematurely. So how to take care of new kittens to come home so that they will grow up healthy, plump and adorable later? Nutrition for kittens under 3 weeks old Breastfeeding For kittens under 3 weeks of age, no other way of raising kittens is as effective as keeping a kitten from its own mother

. The most important source of nutrition for them is breast milk, not an alternative source of nutrition. It is often said "Breast milk is the best milk for babies and children", indeed. In mother's colostrum, there are essential antibodies provided to protect the immature immune system and digestive system of newborn cats
If during this initial period, you feed the kittens, it is not really because their stomach and intestines are still not strong enough

. If the cat is lucky to be an orphan, the first solution to consider is to send it to another cat to be breastfed. There are also other ways to raise kittens, you can use specialized milk for nursing kittens sold at veterinary stores such as Cimicat or KMR to provide nutrients for babies, but absolutely do not use any type of milk Any human milk such as baby milk or condensed milk because the lactose in cow's milk is not good for the baby's digestive system, causing bloating, digestive disorders causing vomiting and diarrhea in cats.
If you have not found an alternative source of breast milk, the way to raise a kitten is now you should give your baby to drink boiled, cooled water with a syringe or dropper to help the baby survive. Because water is not only benign for the kittens of kittens, it also helps to prevent dehydration in the absence of food.
How to raise kittens first time need careful care and observation.
How to breastfeed a kitten
To prepare for kittens, make sure the hygiene of utensils such as bottles and nipples is completely sterilized with boiling water. According to previous experience with cats, you need to make sure the formula for cats to drink at a moderate warm temperature of about 35 degrees and always keep the kittens warm before feeding them
If their body temperature is lower than 35 degrees can cause pneumonia, more dangerous than death in newborn cats

Next, to feed the kitten, you must hold the kitten's body in the same position as it breastfeeds, with its knees on its knees and the head up. Keep the bottle comfortable so that your kitten can adjust the nipples to fit them. After your baby has finished eating, you should help stimulate your baby's burping by holding him on his lap or chest and patting his back with two fingers until they are gone to help facilitate the kitten's digestion.
How to take care of kittens with formula is absolutely good for your baby's health.
How to care for kittens under 3 weeks old
Create a nurturing environment like?
Housing as well as the nurturing environment is often a concern around the kittens of newcomers who first choose to adopt this pet. How to raise a new kitten home? If the cat you choose to adopt has just been born, less than 3 weeks old, in addition to kittens nutrition, keeping warm their body is most important because the kittens organs are not complete, they are not The ability to regulate body temperature for yourself.
A cat litter box must be placed in a quiet, hidden corner, separate from other family activities. Material of drive liners must be fabric that can keep warm like soft blankets

. In addition, you can also under the blanket under a hot mattress or warm water bottle to ensure the environment of the cat's accommodation ranges from 37 degrees Celsius is best. If the temperature is too high, it could very easily cause your cat to burn.
Cat's experience in keeping cats long is keeping kittens warm to avoid getting cold.
How to clean the kitten body?
How to keep kittens healthy? The first consideration is to keep the kitten's body clean from the dangers lurking in its surroundings like bacteria. During the first 3 weeks after birth, the kitten's weak body is unable to clean itself.
The initial cleaning tasks are usually undertaken by the mother cats to make bonds with their cubs,.

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