How To Take Care Of A Biological Dog?

Proper care for a bitch does not everyone knows. Just like the process of human birth, dogs need to be cared for and nourished during the feeding period to keep the mother healthy and healthy. Learn the experience of caring for bitches in this article.
Taking care of the dog, step 1: Prepare for childbirth
Near the time of "lying", your dog appears very heavy and tired. Sometimes anorexia, skip meals

. But do not worry. These are very normal expressions. So, split meals for her so she can eat at any time, to avoid being hungry

You need to confide and talk to encourage your spirit

. Make the dog see the interest and trust. You will be a good companion when her dog out.
While preparing to give birth, you should stay with your dog to reassure the baby.
When your dog shows signs of searching for a litter, it signals that the dog will only have a few days to prepare for delivery. You can help by making your dog a warm enough, wide enough place in a quiet place so that the dog can safely give birth.
The right place to make a nest can be cool, not too hot or too cold. The best place is hidden and windy
You can then place a pregnant dog on a cool mattress or other soft blanket or blanket to avoid affecting your dog's natural birth

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Take care of the biological dog step 2: Observe the birth process
A few hours before birth, the mother dog will show signs of refusal to eat, Near the date of birth, you should carefully observe the expression of pets such as sagging belly, big nipples, swollen pussy. A few hours before birth, the pet will stop eating, often restless going in and out, urinating continuously. Sometimes you will scratch the ground with your feet, screeching, panting. You can guide the dog into the well-prepared drive.
You should regularly observe your dog to make sure your baby's health is ready for childbirth.
The painful process takes about 2-4 hours to give birth. At this time, you should not approach but observe from afar to avoid distracting your pet. Moreover, the folk have the phrase "fierce like a bitch"

. That is, they are afraid of losing their children, so they are very protective and ready to attack when they feel in danger. So you don't need to be so worried. Birth is a natural instinct that dogs can do well because of their origin as a wild animal.
You should only intervene in case your dog is too clumsy to know how to cut the umbilical cord for the child. Or due to the exhausting birth process makes the dog tired, lying on the child. At this time you will be a great assistant to help her mother and children.
Take care of puppies step 3: Take care of puppies after birth
At birth, puppies will be covered with blood and amniotic fluid. Usually, their mothers help cleanse them by licking their puppies

. You can help by using a soft cloth to wipe your dog from getting dirty and cold.
Childbirth is a natural process so you should not intervene while the dog is giving birth.
Postpartum puppies have not opened their eyes, but by instinct, they can come to and breastfeed on their own. However, if you have been watching a bitch, you will find this process quite hard for the baby. So the best you should help put the dog's mouth on the breast so that the baby will be breastfed after giving birth to help healthy, increase resistance, do not worry about premature death.
Most importantly, this time you should not bathe newborn dogs because in addition to the baby's body is quite weak, the hygiene of newborn dogs should be let their mother do. This is a way to increase maternal love as well as help the newborn dog have better health later.
Taking care of puppies step 3: Nutrition for mother dogs after birth
Get some snacks and a bowl of warm salt water next to the dog's nest for your dog to eat and drink after giving birth

. Salt water has a cleansing and antiseptic effect.
You should put a little soft food next to the dog to let the dog regain strength.
At this stage, the dog is very tired and sensitive so you can comfort and comfort later to let them rest quietly. When the dog is born, the body is usually very weak. Need your care and concern.
In the first days after birth, you can cook porridge with bone broth to make puppies. Gradually in the diet for more meat and vegetables. Adequate nutrition should be provided to the mother dog in the diet for the pet to have enough milk for breastfeeding

💓 Food for a postpartum dog to produce more milk
Take care of the biological dog step 4: Keep the litter clean
Postpartum dogs often litter the placenta and blood in the litter. You also do not need to clean up because the mother dog will eat the placenta. Instinctively, they will also lick away the remains scattered after the birth. You should only change the liners when it is too wet and dirty to avoid irritating both mother and puppy.
You should change blankets, drives, mattresses often to keep clean where the dog and the children activities.
Change the dog 1-2 days / time and clean regularly so that the dog does not smell. At this time, you should limit the use of scented items, such as deodorant sprays, because it can affect the health of the mother dog.
Note when caring for dogs
The dog's birthplace


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