How To Take Care Of A Kitten From 3 To 6 Months Old

When kittens are born, their eyes and ears will open slowly. After that, small teeth will gradually grow, their weight will gradually increase and these spectacular changes only occur in the first few months of the cat's life. But when cats are around a few months old, they will continue to grow, changing physically and psychologically to adulthood. Join to learn about important changes and how to care for kittens from 3 to 6 months old

The physical condition of a kitten is 3 to 6 months old
By the time the cat is three months old, its baby teeth will begin to fall out. If the cat has not yet lost a baby teeth by the 6th month, the veterinarian will recommend that the cat be extracted after the cat has been sterilized. If baby teeth do not fall out, they will cause problems for adult teeth
A normal healthy cat will have 26 adult teeth and 30 adult teeth so their teeth will fully grow within a few months

. You can find some cat teeth scattered in the house but most kittens will swallow their baby teeth.
By the time the cat is three months old, the color of its blue eyes as a baby will change to a new eye color when they are mature unless they have a blue eye gene. From three to six months old, kittens will be transformed into appearance. This means that kittens will gain more muscle - from kittens with a round stomach to becoming slender and graceful mature cats.
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Kittens behavior is 3 to 6 months old
Kittens sleep a lot when they are born, but when they grow up, they will spend less time sleeping and have more time to play and explore. From three to six months of age, a kitten only dares to test its physical limits by placing different objects in its mouth and approaching other animals to see what happens. The first few months of social contact will shape the personality of a kitten
If kittens are not properly and fully socially communicated, they can perform bad behaviors such as appropriating toys or food from other cats or other animals

From 3 to 6 months of age is the stage when kittens need the most exposure to the surrounding kittens.
Teething is a normal behavior for kittens at this age. Cats chewing on furniture, toys and even some things they shouldn't chew on is a way to help their baby teeth lose their teeth as adult teeth begin to grow. This behavior may be allowed but be restricted to safe toys. You also need to protect your cat from furniture to keep it safe from dangerous items such as wires and keep your furniture from cat teeth and paws.
Most kittens are sexually mature when they are about six months old, but each cat has a different sexual maturity - even some breeds will become sexually faster or slower than other varieties. When a cat matures, it can begin to behave differently because of the hormones present in its body. Female cats may become estrous and exhibit behaviors such as crying and raising their tails in the air while male cats may become more aggressive

. The cat sterilization will eliminate the bad behavior caused by the hormones in the cat's body.
How to take care of kittens from 3 to 6 months old
A kitten should be vet and vaccinated for FVRCP for the first time when it is about two months old. But that is not all that a grown cat needs. Three to four weeks after the first dose of FVRCP, cats will be given a second dose when they are three months old. A month later, the cat will be given the last FVRCP shot with rabies vaccine. During these three months, the veterinarian will discuss with you whether or not to get vaccinated against other diseases depending on the kitten's lifestyle and health status. The first year of vaccination is the only year cats need to be given booster to make the vaccination effective. These injections are extremely important to your cat's health

. Even a rabies vaccination for cats is a must, even for cats who stay indoors all day.
During this period, you should not let the cat out much to avoid external diseases that attack the kitten's body.
Sterilization for cats is a common surgical procedure when cats are about six months old. Female cats will have their ovaries removed and male cats will be castrated - both of these surgeries are aimed at removing the cat's reproductive organs. When these organs are removed, the sex hormones will produce less and the risk of developing cancers of cats will also decrease. Your veterinarian will tell you when your cat will be most suitable for sterilization. They may recommend that the cat be screened before sterilization. The blood screening will indicate the condition of the blood and whether the cat is fit enough to anesthetize

. Blood screening parameters will be extremely useful for comparison and evaluation.

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