How To Take Care Of Lazy Dogs To Eat At Home, Without Going To Veterinary

Dogs who are lazy to eat or have reduced appetite, also known as psychological anorexia, are a problem that owners frequently encounter. It may be something worth noting, but it could also be a life-threatening serious condition. There are many reasons why dogs refuse to eat and this can also be the cause of many different conditions or problems.
As a pet owner, you may not know how to handle if your dog is lazy to eat, so this article will focus on what you can do at home to help your dog when he refuses to eat.
Some dogs are very picky eaters, even very few

Here are some common questions the owner or dog about anorexia:
What is psychological anorexia in dogs?
Anorexia nervosa is that there is no appetite, no eating, eating less than normal.
What causes this situation?
Dogs who are lazy to eat psychologically or have a reduced appetite in dogs can have many causes including fever, infection, pain, diet changes as well as other problems. Anorexic dogs are also a problem of other systems like cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease, infections and other diseases

What can you do at home when your dog is lazy to eat?
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Is feeding a duck egg good? Types of parasites in dogs you need to know! Why do dogs often have hind legs? Strangely squeezing foul glands for dogs to eliminate odors Specific treatments at home depend on the cause of the dog's lack of appetite

. For example, if your dog has kidney problems - then your dog needs diagnostic testing and fluid therapy. Or if the cause is an infection, it must be treated with antibiotics.
Eating lazy dogs is also a cause of many underlying diseases in the dog's body.
If your dog's laziness is not coming from a pathology, you can look closely at the dog to find out the cause of the dog's lack of appetite. A number of ways can be applied, including:
If your dog is lazy to eat, doesn't finish or doesn't eat as fast as usual, eats only a portion of the meal and doesn't vomit, goes to the toilet normally and is active, he may just temporarily not want to eat or be full . Therefore, you do not need to worry in this case!
Also, watch your dog thoroughly. If you notice that your dog is not eating and drinking as usual - increase his observation
Note the following:
Does anorexia with vomiting?
Release the leash on the dog and observe if the dog has any unusual hygiene (such as diarrhea)

Is urine normal?
Does anorexia dog have any abnormalities when drinking water? See also: Does your dog drink too much water?
Are lazy dogs eating tired?
Do you find dogs less fed and weaker? Are there difficulties in traveling?
Dogs don't eat well, do they cough? Shortness of breath?
Does the dog seem to be in pain?
Gums of pink dog or pale? See also: 7 simple steps to brush your dog's teeth
Look for causes of anorexia, such as exposure to / digesting garbage, poisons, changing diets, or ingesting poisonous plants. See also: Top 15 poisonous plants for dogs
If your dog is anorexic and you cannot take him to the vet, you can do the following:
Note: Check with your doctor before prescribing ANY medicine. Use only prescribed medicines. Many over-the-counter medicines are safe for humans. but can cause dog poisoning
If the dog is not vomiting, encourage the dog to drink more clean water. Crush the ice and add ice to the water to make it drink more.
Give your dog refusal to eat, eat things that are easy to digest or attract them. For example, you can try feeding your dog a "clean" diet such as: Hill's Prescription Diet i / d, Iams Recovery Diet, Provision EN or Waltham Low Fat

. In addition, you can make your own by cooking for dogs and potatoes (starch) or lean hamburger, skinless chicken or low-fat fresh cheese (protein).
Feed the lazy dog, eating a small amount of this food at a time. If your dog doesn't vomit, give him a little more meatballs at an hour later.
You can also add warm or low-salt broth to your dog's food to increase the appeal.
You can try feeding a lazy dog, canning food, such as Monge's pate. As a reminder, only small amounts should be consumed gradually. Heating the can in a microwave can also stimulate your dog to eat because the canning will give off a smell that can appeal to the dog. After that, you need to check the entire box to see if it is still hot so the dog will not burn when you eat it

If a clean diet doesn't work, give your dog a quick snack. If you feed your McDonald's hamburger and they like it, keep feeding, as long as it doesn't harm your dog's stomach. Choose foods like peanut butter (dog-specific, always check the label because some peanut butter for people with xylitol are toxic to dogs), snacks, medium-quality canned foods jars (because they usually taste better), cold cuts, etc. Do not feed your dog lazy, eat a lot of fat, because they can lead to health problems such as pancreatitis..

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