How To Take Care Of Long-haired British Cats To Keep Them Smooth And Beautiful

How to care for long-haired British cats is it difficult when their fur is always an obsession of cat owners? Long-haired cats always have amazingly beautiful fur. When you look at long-haired cats, you will not be able to control them but want to pet them. So long-haired British cats are the perfect choice for cat owners. However, in order to get a long and beautiful coat, the owner needs to take care of his long-haired British cats thoroughly and carefully. Therefore, through this article, you will understand the problems that cats have and how to take care of long-haired British cats so that their cats can have a thick, beautiful and smooth fur

When do long-haired British cats change their fur?
Long-haired British cats shed their fur in the spring and autumn, so you have a lot to do with their fur. Cats of this breed will replace a new coat entirely. Cats will shed their winter coat when the outdoor temperature starts to rise

Cats will put on a gentle, yet warm, summer coat to protect them from ultraviolet rays and high temperatures

. Similarly, the winter coat of British long-haired cats is thicker, insulated and protected from the cold and wet.
And no matter what, long-haired British cat owners will take care of their cats a little harder as cats will enter the stage of shedding. Cat shedding is a daily and continuous occurrence. One reason cats lose their fur is that they instinctively lick their fur.
But most of all, the hairs will fall out periodically. This is the anagenous phase - the period when the hair grows naturally.
This is followed by the catagenous phase - a transitional period
After that, the hair stops growing completely and this is called the telogenous phase

. There are different ways to care for long-haired British cats, according to their condition.
The fur of an English cat is long and full and still attaches to its body. However, the fur begins to shed when the cat enters the exogenous stage - the exogenous stage. Long-haired British cats lose 12 to 24% of their body weight when their coat is shed.
Sedentary cats are more likely to shed their hair. This means the indoor temperature doesn't seem to change so cats don't have to adjust their body temperature to adapt to the environment.
Some cats respond to the artificial environment by shedding their hair all the time, especially long-haired British cats. In the spring, this phenomenon is more likely to occur

Keeping long-haired cats will take more effort to care for than short-haired cats. If possible, groom your cat every day, from the time he brings it home. Grooming is a must if you have a long English cat.
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Determine the cause of the hair problem
The fur of the British long-haired cat is very difficult to care for and is prone to serious problems. You can spot cat hair scattered all over the house or find that your pet's fur is no longer shiny and even bald. If your cat has these problems, you have to find the cause of the problem. Possible causes of long-haired British cats include:
Due to diet or food changes
Cats need to be fed a balanced diet and appropriate to their condition. Simple diets, for example, including only dry food, may have a negative impact on cat fur

Lack of vitamins
Sometimes vitamins can make up for a deficiency in your cat's diet. Your veterinarian recommends using wheat germ, salmon, olive oil, or a special herb to actively support the cat's fur. See also: Top 4 nutrition must have cats
When cats are infected with ticks and fleas, they tend to scratch a lot. In the worst case, cats may lose their fur. Cats infected with parasites need to be classified by a veterinarian, then appropriate treatment should be used.
These parasites can be dangerous for cats!
Besides cats with fleas and parasites, feral cats and exotic cats are also a source of infection for long-haired British cats.
Bird lice are creatures that easily appear under the fur of cats. Bird lice are similar to common louse species, they are only 1 millimeter in size

. Bird lice do not suck the blood of cats but eat scales, secretions from the glands and fur. The bird lice reproduce rapidly because the female can lay a nest under the coat every two or three days.
Stray cats are more susceptible to bird lice, especially in the winter when the cat's immune system is weaker than summer.
Bird lice are particularly fond of parasites in long, thick fur. If exposed to the right environment, they will grow and develop to horrible levels.
There are many reasons for stressful cats leading to hair loss. In some cases, you can use white flowers to restore and balance your cat's emotions. See also: Why do cats suffer from depression?
Health problem
After cats have surgery, when cats have a fever or even become pregnant, they may lose their hair

Hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases
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