How To Take Care Of Puppies Only Separated Mother

The proper way of caring for puppies when they are separated from their mothers plays an extremely important role for their later development. Puppies that are born or separated from the mother are often very weak and need much care from us. Therefore, to avoid surprises, the best owners should equip themselves with general knowledge about how to take care of puppies comprehensively for their pet.
The right time for puppies to separate the mother
If you have a flock of puppies that have just been born or you are planning to buy puppies to raise, you should pay attention to the time when the puppies will be separated. According to the study, the best time for a puppy to separate from a mother is best when the puppy is 60 days old, which is about 3 months

. Because that time, under the care of the mother, being soothed in her mother's motherhood was truly wonderful for the puppy. It is the foundation for the comprehensive development of the baby's physical and behavioral. If your puppy separates the flock too early at 30 days of age, it is more likely that he will behave in a disobedient or scramble for food, or barking than his longer-tailed companion
So, if you intend to give your baby a new life, or pick him up, let him stay with his mother for at least 2 months

You should not separate the puppy from the mother too early to avoid affecting the health of the dog.
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How to take care of puppies only separated mother
Habitat for dogs
When the puppy first separates, you need to make sure the environment temperature is always stable. It should not be too cold nor too hot, moderately warm. The best way to take care of puppies is to use a heating lamp or a thermal pad under the puppy's sleeping cushion. Because puppy skin is very fragile and weak right now. Especially when they are away from their mother, they will no longer be warmed by their mother and her fur. Feelings will be cold and lonely
Therefore, you must always pay attention to the temperature of the environment where the dog lives

You also need to regularly monitor. Avoid excessive heat, local burns, very dangerous for the dog. The shelter of a dog should be discreet, windy and separate from other animals in the house. Because when the baby is separated from the mother, the immune system is completely weak and incomplete, so it is easy to catch a cold when having a drafts. The baby's psychology is currently not stable and needs stable time to get used to the feeling of not having a mother with you. Having other animals around will make them feel scared, timid and make it much more difficult to care for your baby later.
When you first introduce your baby, you should let him explore freely to get used to the new environment.
The most important is to keep the place clean, cool, wash the dog's sleeping cushion regularly

. Housing is where they are in the growth process most exposed, so the risk of germs occurring from here is also higher than ever. If the place is wet, unhygienic will allow the bacteria, viruses, parasites to hide, survive, multiply and develop pathogens on your pet. In particular, dog skin diseases such as dermatitis, skin ticks, or parvo disease often occur in puppies from 2 months to 4 months of age. They have a vital cause born from unclean living. Therefore, you should focus on cleaning all the tools that your baby contacts with sanitary solvents to protect the health of your baby. See also: Types of dangerous parasites for dogs
Puppies are easily attacked by dangerous parasites if the living area is not clean.
Nutrition when taking care of puppies
Wean off the puppies
The period when the puppy has just turned 4 weeks of age is best for the baby to start weaning. This is a way to take care of puppies in the future

. Because it teaches children to eat food early, the stomach is easy to adapt to the diet after separation. The way to wean a puppy at this time is to provide nutrition for the baby in a diluted form. You can give your baby milk for puppies to make sure your baby's stomach fits and provides enough calcium and nutrients for a healthy body. Or you can also feed your baby pureed congee with porridge protein such as pork, beef, chicken or eggs, season with a little bit of salt or may not taste anything. Let your baby learn to eat gradually with foods but still ensure the safety of the baby's digestive system. In addition, you can also use dry food, grind with 400ml of milk and hot water as a premise for how to feed your baby to eat dry food later. See also: Should dogs be fed milk?
Nutrition suitable for puppies
How to take care of puppies should be most focused on the stage of puppy separation (about 2 months old). At this stage, choosing a feeding method is very important, so you need to set a reasonable diet plan for your dog

. They have just separated from their mother, so all eating habits and behaviors should start from now on as a basis for later care.
How to take care of puppies with cooked food
If you are a c.

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