How To Teach Cats To Defecate In The Right Place

The way to teach cats to go to the toilet in the right place is always a question and concern for those who are new to cats for the first time. In fact, training cats to go to the toilet is not too laborious and difficult than raising dogs as you think. As long as you know how to prepare adequate equipment and how to teach cats to defecate in the right place from an early age, everything will be very easy. So to be in the most ready position, we need to buy what tools, how to toilet for cats? Guide cats how to defecate? Let's learn how to teach cats to defecate in the right place right now with

Explain why cats go to the toilet in the wrong place?
Cats are basically domesticated animals. So, some of the wild instincts of babies are still in their genomes. The daily life of cats is inherently different from that of humans
Therefore, it is important to train your child to be aware of their environment in the first place

Sometimes we complain that my baby cats often go to the toilet in the wrong place. They leave their marks everywhere like corner cabinets, floors or carpets. But you forgot to reflect on whether they know that the place is not to go or not? In a cat world, the carpet, or a blanket or sand in the wild, is the same. As long as that place gives them comfort and they feel appropriate to go to the toilet. Moreover, the territory of the cat is very high. Therefore, they will try to make as much of their territory as possible. The first important thing that we need to pay attention in how to teach cats to defecate in the right place
It is a fixed position to go to the toilet for cats, training them to be aware of that area

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How to choose a toilet tool for cats
How to choose a toilet tray
The first step in preparing your cat to go to the toilet in the right place is to choose the perfect toilet for your baby. So what is the size of the toilet tray? Should we choose a cat tray or toilet?
Cats often have a habit of digging their sand after using the toilet. They rotate a lot to be able to find themselves a favorable position to perform their tasks. Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate tray size for children. It is best if the tray or toilet is 2-3 times larger than the baby's body. However, you should not choose a small tray size for kittens. Because later, when your baby is older, you will need to change the tray to fit your baby's growing body. At the same time, you will have to train her from the beginning

. Therefore, to be more convenient and economical, cost-effective, you should choose the large size tray right from the start. As long as you choose a medium-sized tray, kittens can get in and out easily.
The size of the litter box is important for cats.
Toilet tray type: airy or airtight?
Currently in the mayor, the most popular are two types of cat litter trays: toilets and non-lidded toilets. How should we choose a toilet tray to optimize the way we teach cats to go to the toilet? Let's learn and categorize a bit.
Sanitary tray
Toilet trays are the most widely used type in today's pet community. With the advantage of being cheap, this item is very popular with young cat owners because it will partly save you a part of your living expenses. Help you easily clean periodically like changing the sand, pick up cat litter

. Some types of trays are also designed with grooves on the side of the tray. As a result, cats can wipe their feet clean when the toilet is finished.
Toilet for cats
Have you ever struggled because you had to clean the sand on the floor for mischief, scattering sand of your baby cat? Is your cat afraid of the crowd or afraid to be seen while "settling"? Sanitary trays don't seem to be too effective in this situation, do they? That is why the cat toilet was born. Designed with a compact, discreet, closed door, helping the scent from cat waste does not escape. Keep the house space airy and clean. The enclosed space is suitable for standard kids, fastidious, like privacy.
How to teach your cat to go to the toilet in the right place will be really helpful if you choose the type of tray according to your cat's personality and personality. Always make sure your cat has the best conditions to be completely comfortable when using the restroom

You can choose a toilet with or without a lid, depending on the purpose of use.
Choose the right hygiene cat for cats
To prepare most carefully for how to teach cats to defecate in the right place successfully, you should choose for your cat quality hygiene. Sand is now available at any veterinary store with many different prices. You need to look carefully for each type, brand as well as the economy itself to make the most appropriate considerations.
Glass sand ch.

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