How To Teach Dogs To Shake Hands With 3 Steps “divine” Quickly And Quickly

How to teach dogs to shake hands is a very interesting game that you can train your pet in his spare time. You will find your dog is very cute when doing this gesture. And how to train the dog is not difficult. Give it a try, you will get unexpected results.
How to teach dogs to shake hands by signal
Dogs are pets close to humans

. Along with the intelligence and loyalty, dogs are beloved by owners. Teaching dogs to listen to commands and basic things like handshakes is a must to create a close relationship between the owner and the dog. Moreover, it also enhances the discipline, limiting the wild acts that make them more flexible

Dog shaking hands training will help strengthen the bond between the dog and you

Teaching dogs to shake hands is a lesson that many people teach pets. However, before applying this lesson, you should train your dog to listen to some basic commands to make the lesson easier to shake hands.
Teach dogs to command sitting
When the dog is standing: Use one hand to gently press the dog's neck, one hand press the buttocks and shout "sit". When the dog sits down, enjoy the food.
Sitting is the first step in training your puppy to shake hands.
When the dog is lying down: Hand holding food and then holding it up in front of the dog, reflexively, the dog will turn upwards to smell, with food. When the dog sits, say "sit" and enjoy the food

Repeating a sitting command helps the dog remember

. Each day can be done 5-10 minutes.
Teach dogs standing commands
When the dog is sitting: Hand holding the piece of food brought close to the dog's nose, reflexively, they will point forward. You step back, so the dog will stand up. At the same time, you command "stand" and give food to them.
Teaching dogs command peace
When your dog is executing a sitting or standing order. Instead of enjoying it right away, wait 3-4 seconds before giving it. Gradually, taking longer and shouting "stills" helps the dog identify and follow the routine.
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How to teach dogs to shake hands with voice commands
You can use your voice tag to guide your dog to your will

Step 1: You squat in front of the dog, leave the tray in the heart so that the dog smells the food but cannot reach it. At that time, it will turn its body forward.
Step 2: Order the dog to sit down. When you sit, you shout "still".
Step 3: You shout "shake hands". At the same time, hold one dog's hand in one hand and hold it for a few seconds. Also reward the dog with food.
Repeating the operation for about 10 minutes, the dog will understand and remember

. After you remember the command, you just shout without giving food, nor holding the dog.
How to teach dogs to shake hands in a natural reflex
Step 1: Kneel in front of the dog to fit the sight of the dog. At this time, your hand holding food that the dog loves.
Step 2: Bring the food to the front to lure the puppy. Take care not to let the dog steal. You hold the food piece to one side and put it in front of the dog's nose. As a natural reflex, the pet will lean over to sniff the food, feet raised in front of the food in your hand.
Step 3: When the dog's legs are lifted up to the food in your hand

. At this time, call the "handshake" command and grab the puppy by the hand for a few seconds to understand.
Repeat several times, the pet will understand and perform well. With each successful implementation, you should reward food to encourage the spirit of the pet. Help your dog get excited and excited every time he practices.
Once you have mastered one leg, improve your pet's technique by teaching the dog to shake the other hand. Do as the previous order did.
You can also enhance your dog's challenge by practicing in a crowded place or in different spaces. Training in a variety of situations creates a dog's habit and they will also perform better and better

How to teach dogs to shake hands with important notes
Teaching dogs to shake hands is not difficult. However, this process requires perseverance and comfort when practicing will be easier to succeed.
To achieve high efficiency, before each training session you should prepare the snack snacks to reward the dog for each successful attempt. Therefore, the dog will feel more excited and practice harder and harder.
You should regularly reward your dog for following his instructions.
Dogs are very intelligent, so you only reward them with good food every time. Do not abuse the reward too much, they will neglect the practice and relate to other actions.
Posture during practice is very important

. Sitting in the correct posture is a factor that shortens training time. You can let the dog sit against the corner to adjust the posture properly.
You should practice dog daily, a few minutes a day. After a few days, the dog will remember the steps before mastering it.
When practicing, do not rush to rush. If your pet makes a mistake, don't yell at them, so they will panic. This will make it difficult for the next exercise.
Above, I have just introduced two ways to teach dogs to shake hands

. This is a fun daily game you can do with pets that both helps to alleviate solidarity. Good luck!
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