How To Teach Dogs To Sit From A-z, 100% Effective

How to teach dog sitting is simple? How to train your dog to learn in the shortest time? This is always the most basic form of behavioral training that anyone who has a pet wants to teach. Sitting dog training not only makes it easier for your dog to sit still while you need to stop while walking the dog, but also to control the surrounding fluctuations, prevent harmful behaviors like dogs jumping on people strange or banging on the door.
Sitting can be a useful behavior in some cases, but training is also the starting point of forming a dog-dog relationship. When your dog learns to sit on orders, you will get attention from them, which makes it easier to train later.
Read the simple steps that PetshopSaigon

.vn is about to share to help you grasp the basic requirements of how to teach a sitting dog. Here, the writer will introduce two different ways that you can easily train this behavior for the dog most effectively even in other skills training. Besides, you will also learn why dogs are taught to sit, which situations are not suitable if the dog is sitting and how to handle those situations intelligently

How to teach dogs to sit
You can apply how to teach dogs to sit in any age

. Puppies when they reach 6 weeks of age can catch up with how to train sitting dogs, the big dogs do not need much exercise so you can let them sit as needed.
The teaching method below will suit puppy and dog exercise more, healthy. Usually the method of capturing the dog for training will work best, but you can also use a way to attract them to start the training process. Alternatively, you can apply both methods at the same time or use the one you feel most comfortable with.
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What you need:
A bag of training instructions
A click whistle (or you can use a markup like "Yes" if you don't use a click whistle)
Plan for training sessions
How to teach dogs to sit down the most detailed
Prepare a sitting position for dogs
Most lure methods will help new dog owners easily access the dog. Use something as food that your dog wants such as food or toys, then they will immediately move to the position you want.
Your movements when teaching the dog to sit will get less with each practice of how to train the dog to sit and eventually will signal to your dog to know when you are ordering them to sit down
The main goal is to distract your dog from dog food or dog toys in front of them

Step 1: Hold some food in your hand (or sandwich between two fingers if the dog is small in size).
Step 2: Put the food near the dog's nose so that it smells good.
Step 3: Slowly move your hand from the nose towards the dog's forehead. This time they will move in the direction of your hand with the nose, helping the lower body lower to the floor.
Step 4: Once the back has touched the floor, slowly give the dog food.
Step 5: Repeat the above steps.
Step 6: Practice practicing how to teach dogs to sit. In this process your dog will anticipate your order as you begin to move the food

. When you find that your dog is following orders faster and they are less interested in food, add verbal cues to make them forget about the food.
Add verbal suggestions
Step 1: First, you need to make sure that you have successfully applied to teach your dog how to sit by hand signals. If your dog is still not used to it, repeat the above steps several times before adding verbal cues.
Step 2: Before you use the lure, try saying "sit". At the same time attract your dog to the position to sit down and repeat this action repeatedly.
Step 3: Repeat again to help your dog create a link with the word "sit" with the action of sitting down. This action indicates that you are naming the action for the dog to perform.
Distract the dog and forget about the action of the hand
Practicing how to teach a sitting dog will need to be accompanied by training the dog to get used to the voice, instead of using his hand to signal the dog

. Do a little practice with the dog after the training process by standing still, no food, no hand sign to let them know. You just need to say "sit" to see if the link between the dog's words and actions achieves the results you want. If your dog:
Sit down: Rub their heads and compliment the behavior they have done.
Do not sit down: This problem is okay, try using a little food to encourage them to sit down, then return to the above steps and continue to do it many times..

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