How To Teach Your Dog Not To Bite His Master’s Hand, If You Want Him To Be Obedient

How to teach dogs not to bite their master's hands, help them obey and self-regulate their behavior. Many owners often scold, hit or punish their puppies when they bite, this is a completely wrong method of teaching dogs that many owners often make.
How to teach dogs not to bite their hands: The reason why dogs often bite
How can dogs actively control behavior so that they do not bite their hands when they are very young? Biting a puppy in a puppy is not an intentional injury, it's just a way for them to play and feel their surroundings.
However, because puppies are too young at this time, sometimes it is not easy to determine what the bite level is. If you yell at you, or hit them right now, it will only worsen your situation

The act of biting in a dog is actually the way the baby wants to show affection to the owner.
In some cases, biting has become a habit in puppies. At this point, they will begin to bite everything in the house; This is a bad behavior, if the owner does not know how to train, then when growing up, it is difficult to change this habit

Sometimes biting things and gnawing things makes you feel angry, but remember one thing, the more you scold or punish, the dog will not understand, this only makes them feel scared, worried

. sedation and this behavior will probably become more serious.
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How to teach dogs not to bite their hands: 5 simple steps
To help prevent your dog from biting, teach him how to inhibit and control his or her mouth pressure. This is considered a very effective method, which has been successfully applied by many owners.
Sometimes, puppies can learn to inhibit biting by playing with other dogs. While playing, chasing each other, if accidentally bites too strong, they will be stopped by other dogs immediately within a few minutes.
Through these interactive play activities, puppies learn to control their bite force so that no one is hurting and making the game uninterrupted. If they can learn how to "play well" with each other, then they will also be aware of their biting behavior

Training for a dog without biting your hand is quite simple, but it takes a lot of time

Also, you can train them in case dogs are not aware of their behavior. Here are five steps to teach your dog not to bite his hand, so you can adjust their behavior.
Step 1: Be comfortable playing with the puppies and deliberately letting them bite into your hands. At this point, if the puppy has just bitten your hand, make a loud cry, it will startle and stop for a few seconds.
Step 2: Maintain the position of your hands in their mouths, taking care not to pull them out (unless the bite is too painful), because if you pull your hand out this time will make the puppy think that biting will not be a problem What subject.
When your baby bites your hand, don't panic lest hurt yourself and your dog.
Step 3: Apply the "Play and Stop in a short" strategy. Before you do it, give the puppy a ball, and let him play

. If the puppy bites your hand now, stop playing for about 15-20 seconds, this will help the puppy quickly realize that biting your hand will mean stopping the play.
Step 4: Continue playing again. After a short break, come back to play with your puppy. Continue to do the same thing, so take a few weeks to make the puppy aware of this and will not bite your hand too hard.
Step 5: In case, if your dog bites too hard or repeats this bad behavior many times, be more strict. Pull your hands out of your mouth right after being bitten and say a tough "no", leave out for 5-10 minutes and start playing again.
Note for this training, you try to persevere in implementation. Make it until the bite is the smallest and the puppy can give up on its bad behavior

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Notes on how to teach dogs not to bite their hands
Avoid putting your fingers and toes in front of the puppy to entice them to play. This can create a bad habit, encouraging puppies to bite their hands.
Avoid tugging your fingers while they are latching on. Because doing so will encourage them to jump forward and continue to grab your hand.
If your dog has a habit of biting his hand, you should avoid putting your hand near him.
Do not hit, scare the puppy's face when he is playing, or accidentally bite you. This will not do anything, otherwise it can make them bite you harder. The punishment right now will also make your dogs feel scared and can hurt them, try to be gentle and persistent to get the best results

How to teach your dog not to bite his master's hand, something you need to keep in mind during that training.

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